Monday, September 9, 2013

Mantel Updates

I decided to try filling my Mantel with photos... I didn't have enough in the the living room ;)

So I went to Staples and had a few black and whites blown up. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my photo disks, so I only had a few black and white photos to blow up... but thankfully my amazing photographer said she still has them ... Thank God! So I might change out a few of these once I get those.

So I used the black and whites from our last session and the ones we had around the house already.
And since it is fall I threw in the fall family photo in color.

Simple update...

I get the engineer black and white photos at staples. Those 3 large ones cost me under 6 bucks all together. We cut cheap plywood for the back and then framed them out with some scrap wood. Simple simple.

Big change for little money... And the pumpkins in the bottom corner.... Slowly bringing out my fall stuff :)

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