Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Maddux.....

*** people have summed up the years they have had.... and this was a pretty amazing year for us. I loved this idea so much I had to "borrow" it.  The one that inspired me to do so was LittleMissMomma. If you have not seen her blog please check her out. She is amazing.

Dear Maddux,

You are barely over a year now.... and it feels like just yesterday we were bringing you home. You have traded in your bear crawling for running down the halls yelling.. hands over your head with excitement. Walking is all you want to do now. You have discovered this new sense of freedom and take advantage of it at all times! You have a strong wonder for coffee cups, electric sockets, lamps, anything mom or dad are eating.

You never seem to run out of energy, which is oh so tiring at 7am on a Saturday but regardless you always make me laugh and I wouldn't want it any other way. You could laugh, play, yell, and run all day.   You show this new world no fear and look at everything as a new adventure. I hope you will always look at life with such optimism.

I have decided to take a moment and reflect on our past year. Since this year has flown by.... too fast.

I remember making your daddy run to the store not once... twice... but three times because I wanted to make sure that positive test was correct and not a fluke!

I remember being exhausted, tired, worn down from commuting to work everyday being 8 -9 months pregnant. And you would give me a little kick just to remind me what I was doing this for.

I remember the day you were born and I was overwhelmed with emotions. I can honestly say thanks to you that love at first sight does exist.

I remember how it broke my heart to leave the hospital without you. You had to stay an extra night.... I cried the whole way home.... and myself to sleep.

I remember my heart racing the next morning holding you in the hospital... hoping... praying... we can bring you home.

I remember finally being able to breathe again when they did allow us to take you home first thing that morning.

I remember your first doctors appointment when the nurse held you down to give you shots. And every part of me wanted to grab her and stick her with needles for hurting you.

I remember the countless nights I would lay there listening to you breathe. Staring at you with such awe and admiration... dreaming of all the things you may become...

I remember the first smile.... and I dont think you have stopped smiling since.

I remember your first experience with eating baby food... how excited you were with actual food that had a flavor!!! You havent stopped eating since... Im a lucky momma you are not a picky eater!

I remember the first time you looked up at me and gave me a huge cheesy smile... and you had two teeth!!!!! You never showed signs of any teething. I will never forget that adorable two toothed grin!

I remember the first time you giggled. I have never ever heard a more beautiful sound.

I remember how your first word was Nala. and that has remained your name for Dog. You are always so excited to see Nala. and Love to give her hugs.

I remember when you refused to crawl on your knees and instead crawled around our house using a bear crawl.... on your feet and hands... but straight up in the air.

I remember how much your curiousity grew the moment you learned to crawl. and from there it just has continued!

I remember the first time you reached for me and said Mama.

I remember the first time I said give me a kiss... mwah... and you leaned in open mouth slobbery and laid one on me. Best moment ever :)

I remember your first steps. And the look on your face once you realized what you just did!

I remember how you would smack your lips at me whenever you wanted a bite of something I am eating.

I remember how every morning you wake up with a smile so excited to see us. ( I am assuming this will change as a teenager )

I remember how excited you are to see your cousin Aurora who is just your size. You love to share everything with her. I have a feeling you two will be great friends.

I remember how excited you were to go down the slide at the toddler playground all by yourself. and how you clapped your hands when momma yelled Yay... you are SOOOO big!!

I remember how much you smile and laugh when we have our dance parties together while daddy is gone coaching volleyball.

I remember how I gave you a dinosaur flashlight in Target just to keep you happy... and trying to take it away when we got to the cash register. Where you threw a fit and held on to that toy with a death grip. So we bought Rex home with us.

I remember how much you love cuddling up on the couch with Momma and Dada to watch Toy Story. It still amazes me how that movie stops you in your tracks and all you want to do is cuddle and watch it.

I remember you sitting on Santa looking at him with such awe and amazement (Im sure it was just his beard you were amazed by).

And even as you become a big boy. I will always remember your adorable smile, your sparkling eyes, your incredible laugh, your big baby belly, your flinstone feet, your crazy morning hair, your chubby cheeks, your goofball personality. I will never forget our first year of firsts.... I will cherish all of these moments forever. I look forward to all the new things you will learn this coming year. You will always be my baby boy.

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