Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hudson's Nursery Part Two - The beginning of a gallery wall

Last week I left off with the reading corner we put together. As of right now, Maddux wants to be involved with everything to do with this baby. He will tell me he will feed him, read to him, sing to him, etc. So I thought this corner with the glider... would be a good little reading nook for us to do that. Maddux picked out all his favorite books to put in his brother's room, to share... and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him so excited for his "new best buddy" (his words)

So the wall space above the bookshelves were looking a little bare.
So we decided to put in a gallery wall. After a trip to Michael's I decided to go with the Lexington frames they have there.
1. Because they were 50% off and
 2. We haven't done a gallery wall with black modern frames yet. So I liked the idea of something new.

A lot of people I talk to are nervous about gallery walls. I love them, I think they are easy and make a huge statement. But I love surrounding myself with things that make me happy... and right now filling these frames with photos of my favorite memories and inspirational quotes.... nothing sounds better than that. I don't put a lot of planning into these. I wish I could tell you I sit down with a plan. I look at the space... and run to the store... I try and concentrate on large frames because, when scrolling pinterest at all hours of the night. The one thing the gallery walls I pin have in common are large frames.
Then I start with my largest frame and just work out from there. One frame at a time.

This past weekend Jerry started putting them up while I would say... "no... a little higher.... no... I don't like that... take that down" for about 3 hours :) He's a good guy :)
We  I finally settled on a layout of frames mixed in with a few animal heads. .

The frames are still bare. I need to fill a few of them, but a few I will leave empty because Hudson's baby photos will fill in quite a few of these eventually.
I'm still searching Etsy for some cute personalized prints also.

But here is the reading corner... all filled in with frames.

I might fill in a few more above the chair and bring them down lower. We aren't sure if we want these frames in reach of tiny children though.

I think my favorite part is the animal heads. I think I could fill a whole wall with them if I had enough!

Thanks for stopping by, Cant wait to share the other side of the room!
Getting exciting, Hudson will be here in just 2 short months!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

25 Things

1. I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

2. I think pregnancy has given me adult ADD.

3. I am not one of those people who just... "love" being pregnant.

4. Its uncomfortable. And exhausting. And nothing fits.

5. Then you have to go buy clothes that you will only wear for a few more months. Which is a huge waste of money.

6. I'm a little nervous this time around. Probably more than the first.

7. Maybe not nervous... well partly nervous... and partly anxious.

8. What will he look like? Will he look like his brother? Will he look nothing like him? Will they be similar? Will they be opposites? Maybe this one will be a better sleeper... and maybe less picky? At least I can hope...

9. How will Maddux do with a new brother? Sure right now he is ecstatic... Will that last? Will he get jealous? What can I do to to help him with this transition?

10. I can't for the life of me finalize my plan on the nursery.

11. This might be the hardest room we have redone yet.

12. Only because I keep changing my mind.

13. We literally painted the whole room. For me to look at my husband and say... I don't like it... I want to change it.

14. He didn't leave me over it. He might have rolled his eyes. But the next day... he helped me re- paint it.

15. Because he is amazing.

16. I'm lucky to have a husband that lets me decorate and doesn't get upset when I decide... "I changed my mind"

17. Speaking of decorating, I finally bought new furniture for the library.

18. Once that is delivered, I cant wait to share it with you. I am so excited.

19. Did I mention that we have to replace our windows this year? Seriously..

20. Have you sat through window quotes? They aren't fun.

21. I know it will be worth it though. Completely worth it.

22. Now trying to fit in when to pay for all new windows, and have a baby all around the same time... talk about fun.

23. That's life for you though. I guess.

24. Just have faith it will all work out.

25. Speaking of faith, what did you all give up for lent? I decided fast food. Because, I know me.. and now that I am reaching that "I am always hungry" phase of pregnancy... fast food is easy. And I don't need to eat that junk. So hopefully this will keep me out of the drive thru line. :)

And because no post is complete without a photo. Here is Maddux...celebrating his beloved stuffed animal puppy "Candy Butt"'s birthday with all her friends.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hudson's Nursery. Part One.

So, confession. This pregnancy... has made me lazy. I am just not one of those girls that fall in love with being pregnant. I feel miserable. I hate not feeling like myself... and the extra weight... that causes backaches and not being able to sleep. I can't wait for this baby to get here... and I do not want him out until he is good and ready. I just wish I had a fast forward button to help me get through the long work days... waiting on this next chapter to begin. And while I am at it... a slow down button to enjoy a little bit more one on one time with Maddux before his whole world is turned upside down.

But the past month or so we have been back at it... sadly we have so much to catch up on... its been hard to blog about. Everything is about 70% there and we need to find a few hours to finish up a few projects.

So in the middle of all the chaos I thought I would share with you all step by step our nursery for Hudson.
We started with an empty room that just collected random things... keeping it honest with the before photo. Actually not honest. This room was FILLED with random furniture, toys, baby gear, etc.

This room hasn't been touched since we moved in. The walls are off white and it all has honey oak trim. So we started there. We ended up painting 3 walls a very light grey.. and 1 wall a dark navy blue.

We haven't completely settled on a theme yet.
We have an idea... sort of. And we figured we would just go from there.
I just gave a few pieces of furniture a bright coat of paint that I will share soon. But for now... we added this little corner I thought I would share.

It doesn't look like much yet... but to be honest we have put HOURS of work into this room. If you notice in the before photo, all the trim was still honey oak. So we primed and painted the trim. Painted the walls. and then built these shelves for the books.

We hung the books lower so they are in arms reach from the chair. Maddux is constantly telling me how he is going to sit with us in the chair and read to his brother while he is fed. So I figure as long as everything is in reach... Ill save myself from getting all settled for him to decide he wants a book on the top shelf;)

I am going back and forth on what I want to do in that blank area above the glider/shelves.

Right now I am leaning towards a corner gallery wall. Like so.

I'm a little worried it might get too busy.
But then I came across this ...

And the gallery wall above the shelves doesn't bother me... so maybe it might work.

We are working on the nursery all week. So I figured I would share with you our thought process and how we decide to build upon it layer by layer.

Who knows though in the next 24 hours I could completely change my mind. But for now... I am thinking about trying out my first corner gallery wall. I am having such a hard time with this room. I don't know if pregnancy is affecting my brain... or I am putting pressure on myself because I realize the days of me picking out stuff is so short lived and pretty soon he will be begging for a Dinosaur/superhero/star wars room just like his brother. ;)

This might be a slow process, but I thought it would be fun to share with you section by section as we completely put together this room, rather than doing a complete before and after shot.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux,

You just turned 5 years old...

You are becoming more and more independent by the day and its scary for me. I want to protect you. Keep your innocence... keep that sweet soul intact.
I am fearful that public school will harden you. I worry about the affects of other kids. Bullies. Because bullies start young. I don't want them to change you.

I have a 5 year old boy who loves showing affection. Believes in hugging and kissing his parents... lots of snuggling... lots of I love yous. Days are filled with loving affection, kind words, and sweet... oh so sweet... moments.

At 5 we had to take you in for your kindergarten exam already. And it got me thinking... worrying... about things out of my control. And I realize ... I am about to begin a hard chapter as a parent. Learning slowly... over time... the older you get... the more I need to sit back and learn to let things work themselves out. Trust in not only myself, but the little man i have raised.

As a parent, I try so hard to teach you to be kind. Above anything, always be kind. I try and raise the little boy that is nice to everyone. And so far... I have succeeded. I have watched from afar, that you, are kind. So very kind. You go out of your way to give out compliments and affection and I cannot even tell you how proud I am at the age of 5 that you have recognized the importance of being nice.

I worry so much that the world around us will harden you. It's my biggest fear. Peer pressure has to be most parent's nightmare. Bullies... Bullies at the age of 32 are my biggest fear.
I remember how hard it was when I was a kid, and now with social media I can't imagine how much worse it is. Kids grow up so fast... too fast and I love that right now you are exactly where you should be.

I hope that we hold onto these days of make believe. The days of you running around the house in super hero costumes fighting imaginary villains. When i watch you... you jump... maybe 3 inches off the ground... and you look at me.. with those bright eyes.... "did you see that mom??? Did you see that?" because you honestly believe you just jumped 4 feet into the are and used black belt ninja moves to take down the red skull.

I hope we hold onto these days of you lining up all your stuffed animals so that they can all watch your favorite movies along side of you. Where you share your popcorn and whisper to your beloved "candy butt" that this next part... is your "favorite part"

I hope we hold onto these days where you are constantly making up the lyrics to your own songs about dinosaurs, superheroes, candy butt, and your parents.

I hope we hold onto these days where your hand drawn T-Rex must be hung up immediately so all people that walk through our home can stop and admire your latest masterpiece. and if they miss it... you make sure you point it out to them.

I hope we hold onto these days where those art pieces are sometimes so abstract that while I am oohing and ahhing over this incredible new piece of artwork... my heart skips a beat when you say... "what is it?" and i have to try and see what you see... and pray to God i get it right... this time :)

I hope that we hold onto these days when you want to try anything and everything. You love trying new things: swimming, hockey, volleyball, karate, tumbling, piano, music, basketball, t-ball, soccer. Its so exciting to see you get out there and try something new with a big smile on your face. (after you get over the shock of the first day... the first day is always rough)

I hope we hold onto these days filled with snuggles and I love yous.

I hope we hold onto these days of exploration. Days filled with treasure hunts, sword fighting, and avoiding the floor because it's "hot lava"

You are my idea of perfection. You are smart, adorable, silly, charismatic, confident, shy, dramatic, brave, strong, gentle, loud, rambunctious, outdoorsy - yet not a fan of getting dirty, loves making people laugh, always on the go, always jumping off anything you can climb, so overly excited to become a big brother, will say anything to make a girl say "aww", stubborn, obsessed with all things animals, and always willing to try something new.

You are growing up so fast little one.
The past five years have come and gone with a blink of an eye.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Thank you 2014. Hello 2015.

2014 was filled with so many wonderful memories:

Countless nights playing boardgames
Playing the role of taxi driver for basketball, hockey, t-ball, karate, gymnastics, and swimming lessons.
Blew Bubbles.
Spent a week at Disney World with my boys.
Witnessed my son flirt with princesses. Shamelessly flirt with the princesses.
Painted Easter Eggs.
All or our DIY work was featured on a home tour.
Received a hand wrote bill from a bar
Became a Chicago Cubs Season ticket holder.
Spent the summer watching t-ball, chasing the ice cream truck, lemonade stands, watching fireworks, learning to ride bikes, and days at the zoo.
Joined the work golf league - without knowing how to play golf.
Roasted Marshmallows.
Days spent at apple orchards and pumpkin patches.
Visited a few friends I haven't seen in years...
Spent the day at the horse races.
Witnessed countless sweet exchanges between Maddux and Nala. A bond between a boy and his dog.
Found out we are expecting our second child.
Afters hours upon hours of debate finally agreed on a name.
Spent the holidays surrounded by family and friends.
Sang countless Christmas songs.
Watched Christmas movies outside while drinking hot chocolate.
Went to our first Chicago Bears game.
Watched my Baby Boy turn 5!!!!!
Wrote letters to Santa.
And throughout the whole year... I had a little superhero by my side.

I am excited for all the new adventures and memories to be made in 2015!
I am always big on New Year goals. I love setting goals for myself and I use New Years to start challenging myself on areas I can improve on. I believe in using the New Year as a time of reflection. A reflection of all the good times over the past year... and a reflection of areas we wish to improve on. If we do not challenge ourselves, we cannot improve ourselves.

2015 goals
1. Finally finish our basement remodel. Completely. We are about 50% there right now. and I am hoping we can get this done by March.
2. Limit my social media time.
3. Be Kind. Learn to actually follow the rule of if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. No matter what.
4. Make my bed everyday. (this one is going to be hard)
5. Start recycling
6. Monthly dates (even dates at home)
7. Cook a new meal we havent tried once a month.
8. Learn to not be so hard on myself. Accept and own my mistakes.
9. Read one book a month.
10. Make new family traditions (we have a few new ones in mind... to start this year)

"May your coming year be filled with magic & dreams and good madness.  I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to makes some art - write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself".  - Neil Gaiman

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Updated basement

We have been working away at the basement, it has been a very frustrating process/

We last left off with the basement looking like this.... and the area we have been working on is that corner area to the left... 

Since then we started working on the nook in the far corner of the basement. We decided this space could easily be used as a serving area/wine bar/etc. etc. It would be a great place for us to place the food and drinks at family gatherings... 

So we made a stop at Ikea and took around the "as-is"section for some cabinets. We found a couple that were marked 50% off and started from there. We continued filling in this section with the wine fridge and built a shelf unit to store glassware or whatever ends up going there. 
We took 2x4s to build the table top and decided to put in rock tile across the back of the wall. 

This area still has a ways to go... but its finally shaping into what we had in mind... so I thought I would share an "In progress" photo. Don't mind the mess... we are still in the middle of this project...

We still have a few things to do. 

1. put the doors on the Ikea cabinets and buy hardware
2. paint the shelf that will hold the glassware
3. paint all the wood framing out the cabinets and wine storage
4. add a wood shelf to the bottom of each window
5. finish the rock wall
6. add another coat to the walls.
7. paint the window panes
8. put up trim and doors in the basement
9. add wine glass storage in the open shelves

But at least its to a point where I see it coming together. Slowly but surely. 

The basement itself is far from being done. but at least this small little corner is shaping up nicely. 
The rest of it... is still quite a mess... 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baby Number 2 Due in May 2015!

The blog has been pretty quiet the past few weeks...

In case you missed our big announcement on Facebook...

So... I have been slacking on the blog.

Because I am tired. So tired.
This pregnancy is kicking my butt. I am finally starting to feel a little bit like myself again.
Just a little bit. But hopefully this is the turning point... and I will soon have enough energy to at least see 8 pm on a week day. Fingers Crossed.

We could not be more excited about baby number 2!
Thank you all for your kind words on Facebook. Maddux is absolutely thrilled to become a big brother.
He is even more thrilled that now... "He gets to be the boss of someone... finally"
... or so he thinks ;)

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