Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baseball Summer

I never want my little man to grow up too fast. 
I'm never in too big of a rush for him to grow up. 
But this summer was an exciting one for us. 
When we found out we were having a boy... we couldn't wait for summers filled with...
And this was our first real summer at getting a very tiny glimpse of that. 

He loved batting.
Loved it.
And would practically knock himself over swinging that bat as hard as he could. 

he went back and forth.
sometimes in ready position.
sometimes chasing after a ball
other times
making silly faces at his friend
dancing around
or daydreaming.

But all in all. 
what a great way to spend summer
looking forward to this in summers to come. 
Fingers crossed you stick with this sport kiddo. 
Mom and Dad love watching you play :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux,

Right now you are 4.5 years old.... tonight you fell asleep against my chest... like you used to when you were a baby. But now... you are half the size of me. I just sit there staring... thinking how did all this time go by so quick, 4 and 1/2 years... and my baby is disappearing a little bit every single day.  It's bitter sweet. I just lay here... praying I don't forget these moments. These little every day moments with you.

A lot of things about you are so much the same as they were 6 months ago. I came home on lunch break today to see you and dad... and there you were... in your batman mask, batman cape, and batman car driving up and down the street... and it just makes me smile. Your love of superheroes... and costumes... brightens my day. You are adorable.

I am so thankful, that when I watch you... you are still sweet, and nice. You care about other people and you go out of your way to be kind to other kids. You are soft spoken... and curious... but never mean. I hope you never lose that. Never stop being curious... and always be kind. No matter what.

You still think planes are airplanes.
You still want me to kiss your boo boos.
You still crawl into our bed (but this has been slowing down)
You still talk to Nala as if she is your best friend.
You still can play action figures for hours.
You still walk around mimicking every single thing your father does.
You still cuddle up with me and watch movies.
You still love spending time with your cousins (aka your best friends)

But there are so many changes... both physically... and emotionally.

You are losing  your toddler look... and I am starting to see you not as my baby.. but as a kid. An actual kid. I still catch glimpses of my sweet toddler... even if those glimpses are mostly while you are asleep and mom is just staring at you... creepily fighting back tears of losing my baby.

You are stubborn. so stubborn. and you argue like no other.
You don't give in... and you don't forget.
You remember every tiny detail i ever say to you... and if i forget... you will remind me... your memory is astonishing.
And you lie. How do kids lie this early?? You test your limits... and you try so hard to see what we will allow you to get away with... 4.5 years old = testing boundaries. at. all. times.
And you are sneaky! Oh so sneaky.... I will say no fruit snacks before dinner, I leave the room just to find you climbing the pantry shelves trying to get the very thing i said no to... and you will in return blame it on Nala. Like that is going to work... and you stick to that story... trying to convince me that its true. sneaky... stubborn... little boy :) I must admit... I love when you blame anything and everything on poor Nala. It cracks me up.

You are getting braver... little by little. You are hesitant and seem to have an internal conflict with trying to be like the bigger kids you watch... however, timid and unsure. You still need reassurance that its okay... but I see that going away very soon.

You just started watching movies other than cartoons a few weeks ago. Your current favorites are ET, Hook, Never Ending Story, and Never Ending Story 2.  Its a nice break for mom and dad... and to be honest we love re-watching movies we loved as kids with you.

We added in a few new things this summer.

You are playing t-ball this year at the boys club... and you are one of the youngest on the team. However, you are blending right in. You swing your bat so hard you are knocking yourself over as you do it. You love batting. Its your favorite part of the game. Fielding... we are still working on. You stand out there in the ready position... but I am curious where your mind is... if you are actually thinking about those action figures you left in the car. Because... you don't move a muscle when the ball is hit :) or you will slowly head over... and watch someone else pick up the ball that was literally 2 steps from you :) and you are all smiles... like you just made the best play in baseball ... just by watching the other kid throw the ball. You are having a blast out there and that is all that matters. And for only being 4 years old... me and dad are quite impressed with how well you are doing... we are looking forward to future summers filled with baseball.

This summer we also got you your first bike. It was a struggle at first to get you on the bike. But one day of riding bikes with your friend, Ian... and now that's all you want to do. And you are getting faster and braver by the day. You haven't figured out how to brake yet. So, rather than hitting the brakes... you steer yourself straight into the grass to force the bike to stop. We will get there though.

This summer you have spent most of the days home with dad. I am so envious of your time together while i am off at work. But its good for you. It gives you guys a chance to hang out and have some much needed one on one time. You two practice a lot of baseball... ride bikes... play superheroes... watch movies... and dig up pet worms for you to keep in your wagon outside (yes, you love collecting new pet worms)

Even though I realize I am slowly losing my baby boy... I am lucky that you are turning into such a great kid. You make me laugh daily... with your goofy personality. You go out of your way to make me and dad happy.... telling us jokes, being silly, and putting on shows for us. I am so thankful for your creativity... you honestly have such a unique little spirit about you. I hope you never lose that quality... your smile is contagious... I can never get enough of that little grin of yours.

Thank you Maddy, for making me smile day after day.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Maddux says...

Adding to our Dear Maddux letters, Another way to keepsake moments with our son. 
Random sayings we track down throughout the week. 

(Gorilla scratching his butt at the zoo)
Maddux; He's scratching his butt!!!!! Hey! I do that too!!!

Maddux: Dad I love playing Disney Xfinity game
Dad; Oh yeah?
Maddux: Yes I love it so much. It smells like Meat! And Sugar!
Dad: well okay then

Maddux: How about today... instead of Maddux, Ill be a storm trooper! All day... Okay Mom?

Maddux: Mom, I love you. You are my best girl. (this one...never gets old)

Maddux: (heading outside with a blanket and bag of marshmallows)
Mom: Where are you going?
Maddux: Outside... I am going to catch an ET (after seeing the movie this weekend)

Maddux: When I turn FIVE I am going to be SO Big! Bigger than you Mom! But not bigger than Daddy... Daddy is a grown up?
Mom: I'm not a grown up?
Maddux: No... you are my mom.... (and then laughs hysterically... )

Dad: (showing Maddux that there is a flag that waves above Wrigley with his name... MADDUX)
Maddux: (face lights up) We have got to show Mom! She is going to loooooove this! She loves seeing my name!

Maddux arguing with Jerry....
Maddux: But why?
Jerry: Because I am the boss...
Maddux: How about... I start being the boss? And you be the kid?

Uncle Dave showing Maddux photos of him in his phone...
Maddux: That's me... mommy... and Aunt Holly.
Dave: No, thats your Nana
Maddux: No that's Aunt Holly....
Dave: No thats you, your mom, and Nana at Disney.
Maddux: Maybe you don't know everyone in your phone.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Outdoor Chalkboard

Well... you know how I showed you that huge empty space above the table???

Well here it is...

We decided to go with an outdoor chalkboard that would serve as a great background to any family event of get together. I need something higher to set it on. So I am still working on that. I do not believe i want it connected to the actual house... that's too much commitment for the time being. So for now... having this removable chalkboard works out well for us :)

Its simple... and its the frame that we use to have framing out an engineer print in the kitchen. Which we have decided to do another gallery wall... that we currently started working on. :)
But at least we got to reuse the frame for this space!

What do you think? Do you like the idea of a chalkboard for the backdrop of get togethers?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer 2014

And so our first summer weekend began... and we spent the day with friends at the horse races.

Looking forward to more summer memories filled with these two handsome guys.
We began our list of things we hoped to do together this year... Summer 2014 is looking like lots of fun!

Do you sit down and think of things you would like to do with each season? or do you go with the flow?

We need a list :) 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My nieces have awesome mommas.

After leaving for college, I always knew I wanted to come back home. I always knew this is where I wanted to raise my family. Growing up... I was so lucky to be surrounded by family ... I looked forward to holidays and get together and pretty much anything and everything that involved my cousins. So I wanted to give my kid(s) the same thing.

Sadly, the timing was all over the place on the topic of kids. So the way it worked out... I had kids years later... So while I am dreaming of adding to our family of three... others are getting ready to embark on the exciting years of middle school and junior high. Which means... people get busy. really busy. So we spend less and less time together. We are all off running around doing our own thing... and planning a get together gets harder and harder.

However, when I say less... I think what I consider to be less... is still a lot to most people. We end up getting all the cousins together at least once a month... if not more. I am lucky to be surrounded by family that matters not only to me... but to my son. To see his face light up to see his cousins... is exactly what I have always wanted. He love each and every single one of his girls... and there is nothing that makes me heart happier than when he sings about how much he loves his girls on the way home from spending time with them.

One of the up sides of being the last to have kids... I get to observe my sister and sister in law with their kids. They are both awesome moms... all the way around.

But when you watch someone and you pay attention there is normally one characteristic that stands out about them... something you hold on a pedestal. Something that makes you say... I want to be more like that.

I am lucky enough to have 2 women in my family that have done this for me. Through observation... and interaction they make me want to be a better mom.

Now... i will say. I think they are both amazing all the way around. And they have awesome kids. beautiful, smart, caring, funny, unique, talented children. But for me.. i will concentrate on the things I feel like they excel in. areas that I personally... hold higher...

My sister is the fun mom. She is funny, rowdy, and playful. She loves goofing off with the kids... and having a good time. She is the first to jump out there on a trampoline with the kids... or get in the middle of a water balloon fight. She is FUN. She shows me constantly how important it is to stop planning everything... and live in the moment. She shows me without even realizing just what being a mom is all about. Memories. She is making beautiful memories with her children... and without effort. She goes with the flow... with a smile on her face. She is a constant reminder to me... to play more often. Not to forget life is about those small moments...  and life is so much better when you are laughing.

My sister in law... has a secret parenting system.... that i want to know about. I mean... if she wrote a book about this... I would buy it. Heck. if she wrote a one page word document on it and wanted to charge me 100 bucks to read it... i would still do it. Because she has the most thankful well mannered kids on this planet. They are low maintenance... and easy. My sister in law is the kid whisperer. Kids should not be this easy folks. They are the most polite little children... and make my 4 year old look like a monster. I mean ... wait... you just told your child to do something... and they did cry... pout... or talk back??? Tell me your secrets... I beg you. And believe me. I have studied this. I say to Jerry... now watch her at breakfast... tell me how she does it. what does she do... we need to do that too. But she is good... she knows I am watching... she's holding out to make me pay for that book. (psst. Kasey. ill purchase that now)

I could write you a post on each of them... and the things I have learned from them... just through interaction and observing them. They always say... be careful of who you surround yourself with because you become just like them. So then I guess... for motherhood I am surrounded by the right people based off that saying... because .. you often look at people and find a quality about them you want to be more like. There is always something you can learn from someone...  and these two have quality upon quality that I adore.

These two have completely aced two areas I feel that I fall under par in . I am thankful to have them in my life... showing me how to be better mom... and supporting me along this journey every step of the way. We all have different parenting techniques.. and i am pretty sure none of us have a clue if we are doing it right... but we support each other... and I think we learn from each other... without having to say a word. Because these two women have taught me so much without ever whispering a word. They teach me ... just by being good parents. And in a lot of ways... they are the same... and in a lot of ways different. They have taught me no way is the right way... but we all have a way that works for us...

Just me observing them... with their children. And thinking... how lucky are those kids to have her as a mom? And then thinking... how lucky is Maddux that these are his aunts?

They have taught me more about the Mom I want to be... and the Aunt I want to be...

Thank you Holly and Kasey... for showing me rather than telling me how to be a better parent. Being patient and supportive of me through this journey of Motherhood and not laughing in my face with all my pre baby ideas of how this journey actually went... and rather just letting me put my foot in my mouth over and over again without even a sarcastic comment... that my naive 28 year old self deserved. Being a mom is the hardest job on this planet... however these two make it look easy.
Love you both.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

And let there be ... more light!

Well I have always loved string lights across an outdoor space. It adds such... ambiance.
I came across a few of these on pinterest where people added in some 2x2s to their deck so they could string lights across and decided this would be a very cheap and easy update to our deck. 

So we stained some 2x2s the same color as our deck and then nailed them in randomly across the deck. 

Then we added hooks so we could string the lights across the top of the deck. and voila.

The patio lights came from Target. We bought 4 strands at 10 bucks a pop! :) So this entire project cost us under 50 bucks!

its perfect. 

Oh you might have noticed the rug changed.
Yeah... that rug they claimed was an outdoor rug... the pretty floral one. It was not. it rained and i had goops of paint all over my deck. Lovely.
Tip: when in doubt. just assume that it does not go outside :)

But I did luck out and find this Threshold rug on clearance at Target! :) 
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