Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lil Man's Star Wars Bedroom.

When we were getting ready to close on the house and getting set to move... We realized that... it was about time for Maddux to have a Big Boy Room. So we knew that once we moved... that would be our first order of business. Getting his big boy room together.

And at the age of 2... he loves Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, and light sabers (he swings them around at us.. making the Darth Vader noise)

So when my husband started begging and pleading for a Star Wars themed bedroom (apparently his childhood dream... actually I am pretty sure he still daydreams about us having a Star Wars themed... bedroom... bathroom... house)

But since my son does seem to enjoy all of the Star Wars toys/books/movies thrown at him... I figured... Well OK lets do it. And it was a lot of fun!
This is how the room looked when we started.

Pretty much a blank canvas....

The first  night we spent painting... and the second night... we painted... and on the third night... we. again. painted. Finally though... we finished.

Took a trip to Ikea with my mom to get him a bed and the nightstand shelf...
From there we painted a dresser we bought at a garage sale a summer back (5 bucks)

We already had the bookshelf. And the Toy Box Papa made Maddux when he was a baby.

And most of the Star Wars Paraphernalia came from the Hubs. Because he is the biggest pack rat I have ever known and keeps everything. No joke. we unpacked a box that had his old cross country shoes... who keeps that? Disgusting.

I painted an old Ikea side table we have had forever for him to use as a play table. I have a couple of chairs that go with it.. but they need to be painted to match the room.. :)
And don't mind the tree book sling. I am desperately trying to find Star Wars fabric.
But I keep losing on Ebay.

I love finding stuff for Maddux at garage sales that I can reuse. I mean he is a boy.  A rowdy one at that. So this stuff is going to get damaged. It will be jumped on, drawn on, kicked over, etc. So deals like this... are hard to pass up.. and then finding giant scratches won't make me get into the fetal position and cry about him ruining some furniture i spent hundreds of dollars on. So really... this is a good decision for the entire house.

I do love how the room came together! It is adorable :)

Here' s a tad obsessive amount of photos.

 And we even have some stuff up in the closet. {This was all my husband}

In Case you missed it... Maddux really does have a monster in his closet... Chewie.

And sadly I now find myself obsessively looking at the R2D2 Garbage Can and Wompa Rug.

Shh... don't tell my husband though. I am afraid he would read that sentence and Santa will bring me both of those...

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  1. It is an awesome room! What a lucky little guy!

  2. This... Is... AMAZING! I am going to have to show my husband this, who will NOT let me watch Star Wars with our 18 month old until he comes home. Like, he nearly CRIED when I told him I was going to watch it with our son without him. And ever since watching Cello Wars on Youtube, my son has been obsessed with Star Wars. So I'm thinking something like this will be in our future.

    Thank for sharing! Y'all did such an awesome job!

  3. You did a great job! My boys would love this!


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