Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What is Striped and Bouncy?

A Tiger on a Pogo Stick.

Sorry that was all that came to mind when trying to title the post about the Striped Hallway...

Pinterest is such a great source for inspiration... and I have pinned and pinned horizontal stripes... thinking I would NEVER have the courage to try that.
1. I knew it would be time consuming
2. I have house ADD and I wasn't sure if I had the patience for it... as in get bored in the middle of it... stop.. and move onto a new project

But I kept coming back to it.

We painted our upstairs area a color from Sherwin Williams called Beachhouse. And the color was great. But it was a little boring just by itself. Most of it is a hallway that wraps around to all the bedrooms... and I felt like it needed something.

So I decided to go for it.

We measured... measured again....and measured some more
Started taping off our stripes...
and it pretty much looked like this.

And I had an adorable helper

Then I took a deep breath... gave myself an encouraging pep talk... and started painting.

I am sooo glad that I decided to try this.
I am in love.
Want to see the final outcome?!?!?!?

Looking up from the entryway

View from the Loft Area


I am still trying to decide on a photo wall to put up. Hoping to get that settled this week though... and maybe adding a table at the top of the stairs...  who knows what the final outcome will be.
We are also planning on painting the trim and doors white... but the sound of that at the moment... makes me dizzy. I am burnt out on painting!

I am working on the Pallet Daybed fro the Playroom.... Hope to have that update soon!

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