Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabric Backed Bookcases & Playroom Updates

Originally... our playroom started out with lovely blue feathered walls... Gross

We painted and moved a few things in... and got to this point.

Then back in January... I showed you an update of it looking a little more like this.

It was looking better... but still.. not great

So after this point.
I made a few changes... I decided to move the embroidery hoops to the blank narrow wall.  Hung up some Pottery Barn inspired shelves... around the TV to hold a few sentimental nick-knacks. {Click Here}

Created an art station for Maddux - and hung up his first artwork he ever brought home from daycare :) {Click Here}

Moved our old couch up into the playroom so we can sit... watch Maddux play... or watch movies together.

Repainted and finished his kitchen set (finally) and added a play window above the kitchen set. Because even though the boy is obsessed with action figures.. he still loves to pretend to cook dinner. ... sadly I still haven't finished this yet. Someday... someday I will completely finish this play kitchen set.
Decided that we should get rid of the train table and give him a play table that could be used not only for his train set but also for his action figures. The kid is obsessed... and its hilarious watching him play :)  So I took an old coffee table from Ikea and painted the top of it with Chalkboard paint. this way... He can draw train tracks or race car tracks... or whatever his imagination dreams up.

Framed out the shelving in the closet... to give it a more built in look. Stapled fabric to the backs of the bookcase... and organized his toys... which he just destroys within minutes... {Sigh}

We still have a few things I would like to do... but for now... this room is looking a lot better!

So here is the what the whole room is currently looking like with the updates :)

Maybe I will have this room finished by the time he is 10. Maybe...

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  1. Wow! What a difference from the original. Those walls.. YIKES! I love what you have done with it. Any kid would LOVE to play there.


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