Monday, June 18, 2012

Porch Planter Boxes

I wasn't sure what to do with our front porch... its small and the door is not centered.. and well it is weird.

But Ana-White posted these plans for square planter boxes Planter Box Instructions Here

So I thought this could be a good start.

I did not take pics during the process. The steps a simple to follow... and very easy. I followed step by step.

Next I want to spray paint the light fixtures with Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the hardware on the door. And put up a wreath on the front door.... But at least it is looking better and better.

Thoughts? Anyone pinned any good wreaths lately? :)

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  1. I found this one day while pinning :D

  2. I found a cute flip flop wreath idea which i made. cost me less than five bucks! here's a link


  3. Although your door is off-center, it does give you room to one side to hang up a drapey, flowering plant or something like that.

    Usually front doorways don't have room and visitors have to brush/push by any sort of hanging plants, but not here.

    What about a bench on that side to match the planters?

  4. Those planters look awesome! I've been thinking about building some so this totally inspires me. And, love that blue door! Stopping by from the TT&J link party :)


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