Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm blank because.....

I’m Blank Because…

In the middle of updating my kitchen and it is almost to a point where I can share some pictures. Almost. So for now I thought I would copy a cute little post I found on Little Miss Momma's blog
Thanks for the inspiration :)

I’m weird because…

I love the smell of wet musty old basements. Love it.

I talk to myself. A lot. I may or may not ask myself questions. then answer it. I am not crazy. its just my process of working through something. I usually do this when I am trying to build something or refinish something on the house. full out conversations... with myself.

I love living room dance parties... where really.. its a party by myself and my tv.

If I am cold... I love getting into the bathtub to warm up. A scalding hot bath.

My favorite snack is saltine crackers. American cheese and sweet pickles. Stop wrinkling up your nose i promise. its amazing.

I am easily distracted. I swear I have adult ADD.

I loathe blow drying my hair. or painting my nails.

I hate cold coffee. It can be 100 degrees and I will still want hot coffee.

I eat cottage cheese with croutons or western dressing. Its amazing. try it.

I can put ketchup on almost anything and like it. Especially cold macaroni and cheese - with ketchup. pure awesomeness.

I get head aches from keeping my hair in a pony tail. its terrible.

I love Star Wars or anything Super Heroes.

I don't like Adele.

Target sells a Buddha butter dish. I want it. I actually need it. its beyond wanting.

I can eat chips and salsa as a meal. Or ice cream. Mmm i love ice cream for dinner :)

I can still obsessively watch my Friends DVDs. I know every episode by heart... but still laugh hysterically. Best show ever.

I prefer action movies over comedies. or chick flicks.

I tend to be overly dramatic. And overuse the word Amazing.

I get really excited about little things. For example. Scrabble refrigerator magnets. Cow creamers. elephant salt and pepper shakers. all things that have had me jumping up and down squealing like i won the lottery.

I’m a bad friend because…

I am terrible at returning phone calls when I am busy.

I have a hard time committing to any sort of get together.

I never make time to catch up

I’m a good friend because…

I love my girlfriends as if they were siblings.

I want to see those I love succeed.

I cherish my friendship and honestly miss those friends who have moved far away....
I am always willing to act like an idiot for a laugh :)

When I finally do make the time to get together... we can pick up from exactly where we left off without skipping a beat.

I’m sad because…

I feel that I am missing out on so much with Maddux ... while working. And feel guilty

I dwell on things I cannot change.

I wish my friends lived closer.

I’m happy because…

Maddux's personality is getting bigger and bigger everyday. and that boy is hilarious. I could sit and watch him play for hours!

we are spending the day at the beach with my bestie this weekend :)

my kitchen renovation is getting closer and closer to being finished.

I have people in my life... that make me feel anything but ordinary <3

Source: via Gian on Pinterest

I’m excited for…

Summer tans

Maddux's first day at the beach

Horse Races

Cousins laughing

Summer Movies

Ice cream :)

Sweet Iced Tea

Maddux's first vacation to Disney

And this makes me laugh... Every single time


  1. Amazing:) haha...
    I cant wait for your kitchen to be done as well.

  2. Darn that other social networking site that has engrained in me that I want to 'like' your post... but I do like it, lol :)


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