Sunday, April 14, 2013

10 Things I learned from my Mom

Growing up my mother has always been my role model, my support system, my cheerleader and my friend. When I was little... I would look at her and think my mom is the prettiest girl in the entire world. And I have never stopped thinking that since. She is who I inspire to be. I always hope... I grow up to be just like my Mom.
Thank you Mom, for everything you have done for me growing up. And thank you for still being there for me now.

10 Life Lessons I have learned from my mother.

1. Family comes first. Always. My mother always has put us kids first. It's amazing when you think back on your mom and how selfless they were. She gave up anything and everything just so we could get the things we wanted.

2. The kids that made fun of you in school, were just jealous of you. (which I do not believe was true. But she always told us this. My sister took this literally… so when they were mean… and her response was.. well you are just jealous that I am prettier than you are. That did not work in her favor. However, I do believe she still finds this true. (kidding Holler))

3. If you are not feeling well, get out of bed and go do something anyways. Go to work, Go to school, or go to the gym. Whatever you were going to do that day do it anyways. If you feel worse at the end of the day… then stay in bed tomorrow. But today. Get out of bed.

4. Even if you do not agree with someone’s decisions – show them support anyways. We all have different dreams and different ways of going about them. Point is. Support the people you love... always.

5. We cannot control everything that happens to us. Bad things do happen. All we can do is control our reaction to them. Bad things happen to good people. But we need to pick up the pieces and move on. Learn from it and keep looking forward. I have witness the ground being pulled from underneath my mom's feet and she has always handled the situation with grace (at least in front of kids) Mom. thank you for always being strong... and teaching us poise.

6. Allow your kids to be kids. Let them wear their Halloween costumes for a week straight in the summer. Let them dig in the mud for God know what (dirt will always wash out) Let them dress themselves if they want to. Support their imagination as children. Kids are only little for so long. Embrace their imaginations and enjoy it. Before you know it, you will blink and they will be grown.

7. Always be kind to your waiter. No exceptions. My mom was a waitress growing up, My aunt, my uncle, me, my sister, my cousin... and so on. Needless to say. We were taught to respect our waiters... and through my own experience of waiting tables... you develop a new respect for them. Treat them nice. Always

8. Never be afraid to try new things. My mom always pushed us outside of our comfort zone. We weren't allowed to be afraid of new things growing up. It was never a choice. Roller coasters were not optional. We were not allowed to be afraid as kids. I was shy in class.. the next week I was signed up for solo dance lessons ... so it was just me on a stage in front of a crowd. She always pushed us outside of our comfort zone. Fear was not something she encouraged. Except June bugs. We learned at a very young age. These were horrible creatures... which screaming and running in fear was the only answer

9. You are never too old to play. As a kid, my mom and her siblings got us kicked out of pools, parks, toy stores, etc. Not because the kids were out of control... but rather the adults. It was one of the biggest benefits of having such young parents. They were always willing to play with us.

10. Everything happens for a reason. Have faith it will all work out for the best. Keep your head high... Smile on your face... and never leave the house without mascara. :)

Thank you mom. You inspire me everyday to be a better person.


  1. Wow Fawn, That was really nice. I love you too. Maddux is a lucky a little boy to have a mother like you. You always put him and your family first. I am very proud of you.
    And it made me laugh about the mascara because I do remember saying that and you being upset with me for mentioning it...haha love you honey


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