Thursday, November 18, 2010

Details Details Details.....

So i have been working on the party details.... mainly the dessert table.... and since that has been taking over my life...and will continue for the next two weeks. i thought i would post a few of the things I have been working on....

This cake plate was made with a small candle holder and a glass square plate ... both i picked up at the dollar store. Gorilla Glued them together... simple... and I am pretty sure i will get several uses out of it. :)

I got this little dome thingy at the goodwill for under a dollar... then gorilla glued that to a candle stick and i have a cake stand... I am trying to do my dessert table with several levels. Hopefully it turns out the way I want :)

These I know look like candle holders but i am hoping to either use them as a few cupcake stands... or maybe a small bucket of marshmallow pops.... i did a terrible job at wiping the gorilla glue off the taller one... hence the yellow linging... ooops. good thing people shouldnt be looking at that

I picked up this jar for like 4 bucks or something at Target. I decided to use it for our version of the kissing booth. We are going to have the guests guess how many kisses in the jar and whoever comes the closest wins the jar of kisses :)  I just printed up a stand up menu from my silhouette to place the rules on and I just need to cut up some paper for people guesses. i decided to attempt to use my silhouette with the vinyl for the first time... i thought this would be a good project to start with. I really like the XOX.  Simple  but it works :)

And then i got vinyl happy and originally cut out this piece for our Chalkboard table we have been working on... but decided I wanted something different so I had this cheap dollar store frame laying around... and it fit perfectly on the glass so i spray painted the frame red... thru some scrapbook paper in the frame and placed the vinyl on the glass. I will find a spot for this somewhere in the play room... the red will add more color... since right now everything seems to be blue and orange!

So those are just a few of the small projects I have been working on... Not much to them but getting all the details together for the party sure is time consuming!!!!!!

I am hoping I can finish up most of them this weekend so I can enjoy the holiday and just eat :)

Things to come soon.
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