Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embrace The Camera

This week Maddux has started wanting to share his food. Which is adorable... but not so adorable when he refuses to eat anything and just wants to try to feed you. This past week I have been offered soggy goldfish cracker, mushy bananas, and half chewed hot dogs.... yuuummmmm.

Our mornings are crazy. Jerry and I running around trying to get ready... Maddux chasing Nala.... throwing all of his books off his bookshelf..... running and screaming down the hall. And even though these mornings are crazy busy... its amazing how many small perfect moments there are in all of this craziness.

Maddux's crazy bed head when I go in to get him in the morning. The huge smile he gets... and then almost immediately... him calling out to... not mama... but "Nala!" "Nala!" --- which at this point I think Nala (who is not a morning dog) trys to bury herself in the covers to make herself invisible. Maddux running around smiling and laughing... wow I wish I had that much energy in the morning....
Sloppy goodbye kisses as I am off to work..... big bear hugs... and lots of smiles :)
..... these amazing little moments sure do make it hard to leave... missing out on all of those smiles all day...

We took a moment this morning to grab this photo.

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  1. Oh the stages they go through.. I remember this one.

  2. Great shot Fawn!! I love it!! Hope you've been doing well :)

  3. I love how you said, "there are so many small perfect moments among the craziness." That is so true and I constantly need a reminder of that when I let the craziness stress me out too much! :) oh and fyi I am totally gonna do the anthropolie inspired necklace this week, bought all my supplies!

  4. Oh, I love this shot. You can hear the laughter and feel the love!

  5. oh my word. precious, precious photo!

  6. Aww, I love this photo. And I, too, wish I was as happy and energetic as my baby in the morning!

  7. such a sweet picture! wait til he gives you a kiss and you leave with a fruit loop...ACK

  8. Gorgeous shots....such happiness...

  9. what a great picture!! the fun, love, and giggles are jumping off the screen:) happy thursday!

  10. The kids love it when tickle monster comes around :). Cute photo :).

  11. I swear when little boys eyes pop open in the morning, they take off running...literally :) Great picture, the laughter is contagious.

  12. hahah... half chewed hot dogs. how generous! :) so cute. i love this embrace the camera thing, it's tooooo much fun meeting bloggers through it! love your blog! (following now) :)


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