Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Embrace The Camera

So Wednesday night I asked my husband to snap some photos of me and Maddux for the weekly Embrace The Camera. Maddux wasn't in the mood... he just wanted his bottle... as you can see below.
I need to break the bottle, I know. The only bottle he takes is at night... but I need to break him of it.... Its hard though.

When Maddux was first born... I had all these plans... how I was going to do everything. I mean plans for EVERYTHING. Which I am sure all of us do... and somewhere throughout all of it... you lose all of your plans... I had deadlines by three months this... six months this.... well one year was the bottle mark... and we are approaching month 15. And I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing that it hasn't bothered me too much... I hate the sounds of crying. I hate it. I have always hated it... I still hate it. For me its like nails on a chalkboard... Don't get me wrong... I'm not trying to come off as heartless. It breaks my heart when he is crying.... breaks my heart. but the throwing a fit cry.... the throwing a tantrum over the bottle at night... I need to find my big girl pants and stick with my plan... I know I need to... But I think someone needs to find them for me... because they are lost... very lost.
I think Ill pass the torch to my husband this weekend... and he can be the bad guy to take it away...

Any thoughts... tricks... tips to take away the bottle???
I have tried the sippy cup of milk ... water in the bottle... and he is stubborn... he will take that bottle of water... he doesn't care whats in it...
I'm open for suggestions :)

Well here we are... me and my bottle loving Lil boy winding down before bedtime :)

Do you see him??? Zoned out in bottle land.... not caring mommy is trying to love on him.

Stubborn lil boy... but he sure is cute!

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41. Encouraging words from my Parents...
42. The fireplace going on a rainy night
43. Humidifiers for stubborn colds
44. Hot showers
45. Unexpected hugs sprung on me from my lil man.
46. Taking 10 minutes to give myself a pedicure (much needed) 


  1. i would give you advice but my big girl pants must be in the same laundry pile as yours!! my georgia kate is almost three and her binki is a permanent fixture in her mouth. maybe we can start a support group....'moms who lost their big girl pants" :)

  2. haha, it's ok! he's in his element, right? he's an angel.

  3. My big pants left with the first child... What this Type A woman discovered is that if you let them go with their flow.. their timing.. they usually let go of whatever item they are attached to in a reasonable time. My son had his binkie until he was just over 3. Sounds horrendous I'm sure, but he was my third child and you know what? He weaned himself off of it with little fan fare. When the potty training wasn't happening too.. I let it go. Eventually they get it - all. Good luck Mama. Feel free to ship my pants if you find them. Or not.. I've been doing okay without them. I have an extra set for the battles I can't afford to lose... but they are shiny and pretty and I used them on date nights too ;)

  4. I've never seen a kindergartener with a bottle ~ he'll be fine ;)
    Adorable pics!

  5. Awww he looks so happy with his bottle - that would be so hard to take it away! My Josh had no attachment to his bottle -it was easy for him to move on to sippy cups. His binks on the other hand he had for WAY to long - I could not take them away from it is was SO hard. I feel your pain!

  6. The pictures are precious! You are beautiful.
    I'm not sure I have any advice for you, my daughter is 18 months and she get a bottle of water before bed but that's the only time the bottle comes out.
    If this helps at all, my pediatrician said that if she was really wanting it, it was because she needed the hydration and it would help her sleep better through the night. He said that kids don't wake up hungry in the middle of the night, its that they are actually thirsty.
    This really helped me, hope it does the same for you!

    ps. you have a new follower, our similar names caught my eye :)

  7. he has the sweetest eyes. Sweet photos today.

  8. Aren't these just the best times? I love right before bedtime at our house.

  9. Great photos!! Love the color!! You look great as usual, and Maddux is so cute! Bottle and all :)

  10. i love the photos. :) he sure is a cutie.

  11. he'll give it up eventually! what a cutie pie :)

  12. You guys are adorable! Sweet pictures.

  13. sweet shots!
    I don't have any ideas about the bottle. mine had them forever or they nursed for 3 years LOL!

  14. great picture! I wish I had some words of wisdom about the bottle but I don't remember having much of an issue with it. It was the pacifiers that got me but I think those are easier than a bottle.

  15. ahhh such great pictures, and you looks adorb!! i'm not looking forward to the whole taking away the bottle....when you find what works, send it my way so i can be prepared :)

    thanks for stopping by my little corner of the "intranet"! you have a sweet family, and i look forward to browsing around your little blog here :)

  16. awww!! i don't even think i OWN my big girl pants anymore. :( .... ah, all in due time... :)


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