Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Me + Stain (finally) = Succes

This table was passed down to us from my Mom and stepfather.... it was in pretty rough shape... water marks... heat marks... chipped paint.... etc
I remembered once I got it out in the back to sand... to take a "before" photo.... for some reason I never to think to take them

This table is heavy... solid wood and built really well so I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new one. So I decided I would try out some driftwood stain and give it an aged look....
I am in love with how it came out!
I have messed up SOOOOO many staining projects and I am happy this one turned out so well!
The stain I got is Driftwood... and its from Ace Hardware... I'm in love with it.

So here is the finished project..
I am missing a chair... I know
But if you have read our previous posts... you know we are currently trying to move... so that other chair is being used in repainting the basement.... so once that is done... I can paint it and finish up the set.
This project has taken me weeks... Finally its done... well minus a chair...

I love that the stain gives it almost a grayish color... amazing.
It will definitely make me happy until we need a bigger one :)


278. Old wood
279. Weather cooling off.... falls coming up
280. Lunch out with Co-workers
281. 3 day weekends

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  1. Looks beautiful. Our table was like this one originally, but then I painted the white black and sanded the maple finish to look like walnut.

    I do like how the color looks on yours though! Good job!

  2. We had a table almost exactly like that from my parents and my hubby and I just stained and painted it too! Love how yours turned out!


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