Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life.... is.... crazy!

A lot of things have happened this week... mostly good... a few bad...

My camera busted this past weekend. I turned it off and... it will not turn back in. Contemplating on spending the money to fix it..... or maybe trying out a Nikon. Any suggestions anyone?!?!?!?

Good News - Found an AMAZING deal on Craigslist for a swingset... I love Craigslist... :)

Other major events... I accepted a new position this week. Which is scary. Change is scary. Not knowing what to expect... leaving something that you enjoy... with people you enjoy working with to enter a world of uncertainty..... Some people handle change well. I am not one of those people. I stress... I think of the worst case scenario.... I stress some more... I eat a lot of chocolate.... and well.. I will keep worrying. The morning of this change I will be a wreck... and from there... it will get better.

I am excited for this new position. I took a role as an Application Analyst at a hospital here in town. The hospital is changing data servers.... so I will be working on the project of converting the hospital over.. What this all will exactly entail... I am not entirely sure... It will be a lot of learning... on so many different levels... a hospital environment... learning new work lingo... taking classes to learn the system... to teach the system... analyze the system's progress and work out the bugs... and everything in between.
I started the process of interviewing for this job over a year ago... I took math tests.. interviews... and never heard anything. Shocking surprise to find out the project got pushed back and hearing from them now...

I am excited because I believe this will be good for me long term. But I am scared... because you never know what it will be like... you just never know. I am going into this with an optimistic mind frame... obviously. But I will worry. It is human to worry... .

I am sad about leaving a few close friendships I have made in the past year at my current position. I work with a great bunch of girls... and some of them have become close friends... who I admire and will sincerely miss on a day to day basis.
Leaving people is one of the hardest parts of this whole job changing business.... because that is what makes working fun....

A lot of this decision is based off this little man.

Making sure my decisions benefit him... its no longer thinking about what is best for me... I have to think of what is best for him.... so lets hope I made the correct decision. Time will tell.

And even though I will miss the friends I have made. I hope to remain in touch... and I look forward to the new friendships to come....

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