Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mr. Claus.

I know we haven't gotten thru Thanksgiving yet... but.

I first saw this on Pinterest...

and Fell in Love.

Clicked on it and read that Katie from Bower Power drew it by hand... and immediately thought... I cannot do that.

But then I kept coming back to it... So this weekend my mom and I decided to give it a go. Our boards are 12X12 and they turned out so well that we decided we needed to make a few that are much much bigger!!!!

If you check out the "how to"...Drawing with the boxes she has shown on the paper you print out... help so much! I am not an artist and if you compare my to hers ... mine is a lot different. but it still turned out AWESOME! This is adorable. And I cannot wait to put it among other Christmas Decor!!!!!

Here is a quick shot I took tonight when I finished going over it! It will look a lot better once it is mixed in with our Christmas stuff!!! Cannot wait!! Anyone else dying to put up their Xmas Decor this year??!?!?!?!

 Don't mind the pencil marks... I told you I was soooo excited to put this up!!!! :)


  1. Great job!!! Very impressive and festive :) We have some decorations up and I just finished a santa's helper tutu for my girlie today :)

  2. wowza!!! you rock! so awesome :)

  3. wow--you did an awesome job!! can't wait to see pictures of how you decorate your new house.. congrats!!


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