Thursday, January 12, 2012

Embrace The Camera

So I am using an older photo today.... but I love it. So I thought I would share.
I am not in it... but the hubs is. And this photo is one of my favorites from this past Christmas :)

This year... at my Mom's Xmas party, Santa came with gifts for all of the kids. Maddux hated his gift. I picked out a Sesame Street toy that he loves every time we go into the store. So I thought he would be ecstatic about it. Well... that was an ultimate fail on my part. Another little boy got a Buzz Lighter toy laptop.. and my son picked up his Sesame Street toy and threw it. {Sigh} So he threw a fit for a while... I mean pure devastation. Santa got it wrong... and well he was going to make sure EVERYONE knew about it. Once he settled down... he set his sights on his cousin Aurora's Minnie Mouse dress up costume she got from Santa.

Which resulted in this photo

This picture makes me laugh. 1. it is ADORABLE and 2. He is going to hate this photo someday :)

The boy has a serious crush on Minnie Mouse. When she comes on TV... He waves at her... smiles.. and blows kisses. He is in love.
He was upset though when Aurora drew the line at her Minne Mouse shoes. She was not letting him use those... which resulted in ... another tantrum.

We just started the terrible twos... I am ready for the tantrums to end. I know what all of you are going to tell me... I have heard Three's are just as bad if not worse!  At least between those tantrums I get adorable.. hilarious photos.. like this one.

PS. I love my husband's face in this photo. They might both hate this photo when he gets older. I won't though. EVER :)

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  1. Aww.....I think it's cute when little boys like girly things. :)


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