Monday, January 30, 2012

Gallery Shelves... Again!

This post will be short and sweet
Since its pretty much a repeat of a project you all have already seen. 

But I had to build new photo ledges once we moved into the new house.
And gave the old ones to my sister since the size of them worked for her.

The original ledges you can find HERE

I have had quite a few questions about these shelves. and they are insanely easy. If you want these 6 feet long you wont even have to cut down your wood. you will need 2 (1x4s) and 1 (1x2) for each shelf. Easiest thing ever.  The instructions are on Ana-White... click Here
Any questions??!?! Just let me know!

The lighting is kind of crappy... but Midwest Winter.. by the time I get home from work... there is absolutely no daylight. 
So for now... here is how they are looking.

Thank goodness for getting something up on our BARE walls!!!!!


  1. Love it! I'm trying to convince my husband to do one too!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this!! I totally just pinned this to my Pinterest board!


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