Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Outdoor Updates

Every year we try and do something to the outside of this house. I can decorate the inside... but the outside... I don't know where to start. And believe me this house needs a lot of help on the outside.

Lots of EXPENSIVE updates.

Like a new fence.
And some serious weed control
And the backyard goes at a straight slope downhill that needs leveling
The driveway needs to be re-sealed.

Did I mention a new fence? I cringe thinking about the price on that thing. Ugh.

So I'm ignoring the big stuff right now...

Right now... I am going to show you a very tiny update.
But updates that are easy on my checking account make me happy.

So here is an old before photo of our entry

See that light? That lovely silver builder grade type of light?
The light itself is fine. Lots of people love these lights...
I just... wanted something a little bit more our style. And this past week... I found some at Lowe's that were 50% off! Which was perfect!!!! Then had my awesome father in law stop by and install them! (Thanks Rod!)

And here are the new lights :)

I like that they stand out from the house... rather than blending in like the old ones.
And I love that they were 50% off. :)

Have you scored any great deals this summer?
Wanting to update your lights??? Check out the clearance section this time of year! :)

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