Friday, August 13, 2010

If only I had actually paid attention in Home Ec Class....

I have always been a fan of home made things. I think the whole no one else will ever have one exactly the same aspect calls to me. I'm not huge into scrap booking. Time and time again I spend money on scrapbooking supplies... and then end up doing nothing with it. So for me scrapbooking is a little too time consuming and to do it right, well it costs a little bit too much. However I have started paying attention to mini scrap books. and these i am in love with. I am currently working on making both Nana and Grandma these for Christmas. Becuase they are so much fun. and easy. and cheap... and dont take much time. so thats right up my alley :)
But anyways to get on with this posting... I have been a little busy this past weekend. Jerrys Birthday, Tommasinas wedding, Jerry being gone at mud volleyball all weekend. I havent got much done... so hopefully this weekend I can get started on a few things. My birthday stuff... I am still slowly pecking away at it as planned... But I have a couple of other things I may decide to distract myself with.
Now I loved books as a kid. Loved them!! I am hoping and crossing my fingers that Maddux will also enjoy books. So heres to being optimistic that this will happen.. I would really like to find a book with good illustrations and create something like this.

and heres the inspiration that makes me wish i knew how to sew... maybe i should see if they have a quick class i can take??? hmmm

I cant even tell you how much I love this book sling.  This would be perfect .. you could put this lower to the ground at your kids height. see.. i have an obsession with books. Maddux will be doomed if he doesnt like them. i will just try to make him :)

I got these ideas from two blogs I accidently came across today.. they were either featured on other blogs I follow  Anywho... I have added to my blogs I follow

Here is the link on the tutorial for the Story Canvas

Here is the tutorial for the book sling

and I am also a HUGE fan of vintage prints framed. Huge Huge Huge fan. and well here are some children ones I came across.
These are free. Print then frame... and voila absolute cuteness

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