Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Closet turned sofa nook

We still have a lot left to do in this playroom. But the basic construction of the sofa/bed nook is finished! So I thought I would share a really quick status update post.

We originally were just going to build some storage in the closet and have the bed part hang out... but once we got that bed platform built, we were not feeling the layout of it. So then we decided to build up two bookcases around the sides of that platform bed. The bookshelves had to be different sizes because the wall on the left is much smaller than the right... but we decided to just go with it. So we built those basic bookshelves with bead board backs. Then Jerry had the idea to create a built in bed look and raise up the foot board around the bed. So we then added that in. We put a few finishing touches on this week with a header across the top of the closet .. connecting the two bookshelves with moulding. And also added breadboard to the sides of the bookcases and to the foot board in the front to give it a uniformed look.

Once we add on the moulding to the top of the "foot board" and the baseboards to the front of the cabinets it will give this project a much more finished look.

So last time we left off we were here.

And now that half of the room is looking like this!

We still need to add some trim work on the front of what we are calling the "foot board" 

And we still need to add the baseboards back on and do some caulking in a few places. 

But besides those few things ... it is looking SO much better!

Right now the cost break down so far

3 sheets of MDF = 100
3 sheets of breadboard = 60
Crown moulding = 20
6 - 1x2's = 15
2 cans of paint = 90

This project is coming in just shy of 300 bucks. We were lucky enough to have a TON of scraps left over we could use here and there. It is still not finished... but it is close. With the cost of the mattress and the accessories we are buying for this room... I am hoping at looking under 600 dollars for a complete room transformation. That is the budget. So lets see if I can stick to it!

We need to finish the entertainment center.
Get some art up on the wall.
Decide on the window treatment
buy a mattress to fit into this nook.
Pillows. Lots of pillows.
And fill those shelves with toys and pretty things.

Entertainment center redo will be up on the blog this coming week. Its a quick little update to an old Ikea cabinet we have used randomly throughout the years! With Some DIY crates to hold Movies... toys... and LOTS of action figures!

So what do you think of our make shift built in bed?

I am hoping it will be a great place for us to hang out as a family... but also work well as an extra twin bed for any sleep overs we have in the future with the nieces :)

Winner is up on the blog! Check out the original post Here to see if you are the winner!

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