Saturday, August 7, 2010

Obviously on a mustache kick

So i came across this circus wedding that did a photo booth... and they included mustache on a stick props... and i loved loved loved this. and i thought this would be such a great way to capture everyone who will come to Maddys first birthday :) So since I am doing things here and there for this party since its smack dab in the middle of the holiday season... and i might as well get this head start.. i downloaded a mustache template on google and traced these onto cardstock... hot glued them on to doll rods... hopefully people have fun using these :) for the photo booth. i found red and white striped carnival material on clearance at Ikea so i am hoping i can get that tacked up on to the wall. Hopefully i can get everyone in there to get their picture so i can include this photo in their thank you notes :) 

Those are just a few... I dont know if Jerry realized these would be posted on my blog for anyone to see :) haha!!!

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