Thursday, September 16, 2010

Embrace The Camera Day!!!

Last night I looked gross... but since i decided i would do this... i got over it and took the picture.

We just bought Maddux this toy last week. I really wanted to try and find one on Craigs List because I wasnt sure if he would like it or not... but luckily.. he loves it. so it makes it well worth the 50 bucks :)

We were having fun playing with the new table...

and just for added fun.... Look at this face :)

Such a cutie :)


  1. awww. That looks like so much fun!

  2. Whatever, you don't look gross, and Maddux is ADORABLE!

  3. what a great smile he has!

    glad you embraced the camera, even though you may not have felt like doing it!

  4. We LOVE that table! Although ours is without legs for now! What a happy baby!

  5. That's a favorite toy of ours as well. I love that you got a picture of 'playtime'!!!


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