Thursday, September 9, 2010

Embrace the Camera

So this weekend I made it a goal to get in a picture with Maddux. My husband is more than willing to do this with me and thinks its a great idea :)

So this is our first week of participating in Embrace The Camera

we went out to the Apple Orchard this weekend with Maddux... I am sure we will be out there quite a bit this year. Maddux was overwhelmed with all the people there (he loves to people watch so it was hard to get him to look at the camera)

We had a great time... and I know I will cherish these photos :)

Embrace The Camera Challenge


  1. Love the apple orchard pics! Fall is such fun, isn't it?

    So glad you joined in!

  2. Welcome to the Embrace the Camera movement, haha!

    Great pics. Can not wait to go to the apple orchard in October when we head up north!


  3. welcome..i'm new too- this is my second week and i totally look forward to thursday's!
    sweet pics of your sweet lil' family!

  4. You guys are cute! Great pictures

  5. Apple picking!! Woo to the hoo! Our whole extended family is going first week of October and I am seriously excited!

    You've got a little heart breaker there. The baseball eating header cracked me up!

  6. fall! can't wait to have our turn at the apple orchard!! sweet pictures of one of the sweetest times of year. =)

  7. i went to an apple orchid one time and LOVED it!! i needa go again and have some yummy cider!!!

    **fellow camera embracer!

  8. oh, so jealous of your apple orchard trip! are you wearing warm clothes?!
    ack, again i say, jealous.

    so glad you've joined us this week!

  9. What a fun memory & great pictures!! I just saw the costumes too...I am with you on the costume. #2 all the way!! Sorry dad. xo

  10. i absolutely love these shots. xoxo.


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