Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sofa Table Makeover :)

I did not take a photo beforehand... because of course i didn't think about it.
But anyways. this table was given to me by Rod and my mom... and its a really nice table. Its was Oak... solid wood :)
It did have a few marks on the top... and the color of wood wasn't really matching our living room.
So after reading all of these blogs... and talking to my mom... we decided we would go ahead and give it a try and well
i love the way it turned out.... distressed and weathered... I love it :)

Here is what it looked like after sanding and painting it cream... at this point we were now taking the sandpaper to distress it up some...

Then we added on the smoked Glaze... for the final touches... and it looks so good :)

Its hard to get a shot of it from far away... so I decided to put in some shots close up of the detail...  Hopefully i can get some good shots in when i have some natural light.. these were done at night so the flash kept messing with the color.. the table is cream colored but in some of these it looks white... ill mess with it more this weekend :)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm thinking of redoing some furniture myself so this is nice inspiration. Great job with this table and the rest of your blog looks fun too. I'm now a follower.


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