Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Hop: 20 Things about me

I decided today I would join the blog hop at Paisley Passions... Thinking maybe i could get a little more traffic on here... but who knows.
But since a bunch of people who have no idea who I am will see this...
i figured I would tell you a few things about me. well 20 things.

1. I am new to Motherhood. My son is 10 months old... and everyone says oh they grow up so fast... and well they do. Its so sad. Well its exciting and sad all at the same time. I go back and forth with my feelings on it.. as i am sure so do the rest of the moms out there. I don't pretend to be a perfect mom. i am as far from perfect as they come. But I do my best.. and i love that little boy unconditionally. and really that's as perfect as i ever will get. there will be days when i want to cry... but there will be days i will cry out of complete happiness. I figure it will be a roller coaster ... and well I am happy to enjoy the ride. I do however... hope that somehow i gain more patience. Not just motherhood but with life in general. Because I could really use some of that. 
But anyways....
This little man just takes up my whole life now. I cant remember life before him. its weird how that little person can just completely consume you. Its an amazing feeling... like nothing else being a mom. I take 10000000000 pictures of my son and love to post them for Family and Friends to see...  I am always in such awe over every new thing he does.
But now I have realized I am the crazy woman who talks to her son non stop while shopping. I will hold stuff up and say well what do you think... does this lamp match the curtains... and I am sure people without children think i am nuts. well i know they do. i was that judging person thinking that woman is crazy.... :)

2. My husband is the funniest person I have ever known. No matter what he can always make me laugh. which is the best quality I say I could have found in a partner. Because we will go thru so much in our lives together... good.. bad... really good... really bad... but in 50 years and I am still laughing. well that sounds perfect to me.

3. My family means everything to me. and i mean everything. I am insanely family oriented. and really would prefer a day hanging out with them more than anything else. I have five beautiful nieces. and i mean it absolutely beautiful. Our family is the opposite of perfect... and man do we pick at each other and get annoyed with each other. but at the end of the day those are the people that matter. and will always matter. I know that... and i am lucky enough where they realize that also.

3. I have a dog named Nala. She was our first child. and I actually have her listed under children on my facebook page which seems to confuse people. but this dog... she isn't just a dog. she is part of the family... She is an amazing dog. I am not quite sure how she turned out so good. I guess I have to give credit to my roommates in college... well mainly Rob. I am pretty sure he has a lot to do with how great she turned out. Thanks Rob :)

4. I am unnecessarily shy and awkward with people I don't really know. Its something my mom tried to correct my entire life by throwing me into dance... softball... pageants... anything. to help me get over it. well I can tell you that being on stage didn't bother me... playing softball... didn't bother me... but still had to take speech twice in college because my hands shook so bad and i would end up crying. its weird. its unnecessary. and if i know you i will talk and talk and talk... its ridiculous. but oh well. guess that's the way it will always be. I hate when shyness gets mistaken for snottiness. but well i guess people that get to know me just realize how awkward i am.

5. I didn't go to my high school reunion. I am quick at letting people out of my life. i don't hang on to anything... and once its done... well i don't see the point in returning i guess. and this goes for everything. I think everyone has a rough time in high school. and for me. its not holding a grudge but i wasn't too sure i wanted to surround myself with people that make me feel awkward and it just brings back bad memories. I mean I can tell you I am friends .. i mean really friends with less than five people from my high school. so.. anyways ... my point being... i tend to let people leave my life easily. There are some i do not though. i have a death grip on some people (Lauren).
This is not a great quality. but well its one that i do have.

6. I went to college for 7 years and I am not a doctor. More like i wasted a lot of my own money trying to figure out what i wanted to do and more importantly who i was. I don't really regrett this. i regret that student loan payment... but that's it. I ended up having to transfer to eastern... and really went thru ummm 3 7 majors... then figured it out.. and between ISU and EIU i met an amazing group of friends that I cant imagine my life without. and I met my husband... so really i have no complaints. well except that student loan payment. which I will be paying off until well until Maddux probably starts college... wow

7. I love soda.. and coffee. I am a complete caffeine junkie. its almost disgusting. almost. and i should add that i put 3 creams... and 8 packs of sugar in my coffee... now i have you grossed out don't i?

8. I love watching movies... a lot. but after having Maddux this doesn't happen. and if it does i fall asleep in the middle of it. or i get antsy and decide to start a new project. weird how much i have changed. but really that's my only time to do anything anymore is from 8pm on. so its a race of unfinished projects after bedtime. man i miss sleeping. i really do. part of me cant wait til hes a teenager and i am screaming at him to get up because its already past noon.

9. If i won the lottery i think i would take some classes to show me how to correctly use my camera. because i don't use it correctly at all. but would love the time to learn how. but i probably need to play the lottery... hmmm.

10. I am easily annoyed with people who want to tell me how great they are, thin they are, smart they are, or how much money they have. sorry to bring up a negative comment... but this is probably one of my biggest annoyances. you will never ever ever here me say these things... i am the exact opposite if someone compliments me i almost feel the need to tell them something bad about myself... because i don't know. its weird. but anyhow... onto the next one.

11. I am hoping to take on a more old fashioned way of parenting. I think a lot of the values we learned... or our parents learned... or grandparents have been lost in the generations. Some of the new ways of parenting are good. but i am hoping that i can be strict enough to instill some of the old fashioned values upon my children. For example I believe no tv at dinner... i believe in making forts in the living room... i believe weekends are meant to spend with my kids becuase i work all week. I dont want to get into too much controversey on this issue... but for the most part i think the way my grandparents/parents did it.... thats the way i will prefer to do it :) 

12. I go to a Lutheran Church... we go quite a bit. but would say we should go more. However Maddux doesn't always like the playroom and its hard to get him to sit thru service. so i am guilty of skipping it because its easier on me...  Once our schedules slow down and Jerry is home more on the weekends this will get easier :) so hopefully we can attend more.

13. I hate that i can buy my son a 50 dollar toy with no problem. but i sit there with a 12 dollar shirt at target and debate and decide... well i just don't need it... weird how that happens.

14. i have not been tanning in almost 2 years. however. i think i might go again. being pale is not fun. not for me. and it bothers me in every picture lately.

15. I just took a new job... and even though it was insanely scary. i am reassured that this was the best decision for me. and that makes me really happy. big decisions... i am not good with.. but this decision well looks like I did a good job.

16. My favorite color is Green. and my husband still doesn't know this. if you would ask him.. he would swear to you it was pink. i believe it was pink the first year we met and even though i have hinted that I'm really not into pink anymore.. well lets just say... my Christmas is usually the color pink. pink everything. but he means well.
husbands just don't always pay attention.

17. a lot of people think i am crazy for how much thought I am putting into my sons birthday party. its his first its a big big deal people!!! and people will say you know... you are going to have to keep doing parties like this for him if you do this one that way. well DUH. of course. that's the plan. I understand that people don't get all excited about this kind of stuff. but i do. i love it. i cant wait.... and think i am crazy think what you want. this makes me happy. let it be.... I am a little obsessive I know... but oh well :)

18. three of my favorite places to go on Saturday - Starbucks, Target, and the Goodwill.

19. I am new to DIY projects. but I think I am getting better. and I just bought a Silhouette machine. I keep forgetting to buy transfer paper... so one day i will get it. but anyhow. I love getting ideas from other blogs and trying them out myself.  I love how ambitious these other mothers are and its truly inspiring!

20. I love Fall and Winter. my two favorite seasons. I am not all about summer... which people are probably gasping at right now. But I love the cold.. I love the holidays. when i think fall and winter... i think being surrounded by family... and Christmas lights... everywhere... and hot chocolate... mmmm so excited the holiday season is approaching.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I'm right there with ya on 1st birthday parties! My husband thought I was insane and kept gouging his eyes out at what I had planned and what it would cost... hehe. But I believe they're special! And of course I hear ya on the $50 toy, but no clothes for you. Anytime I shop I immediately go to the kiddo section!!

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