Monday, October 11, 2010

Centerpieces, Cupcake Stand, Yoda and Etc :)

Okay so these are the greatest pictures... but its late... and i was in a rush so bear with me. I tried to spiffy them up a little... but well i will get better pictures the day of the party.

so i have been wanting some tiered serving platters for the dessert table...and at the dollar store i kept playing around with plates and candlesticks... and well they happened to have tin platters which i decided would work. I spray painted the plates yellow and the candlesticks red... If anyone does try this. i would suggest leaving the plates silver and just painting the candlesticks... the spray paint did not work well on these. maybe there is a better kind. but hey this works for what i need :)

I have been thinking about purchasing a cupcake stand for a while now... but this weekend I was looking at my empty boxes and came up with a plan.  I decided this would work for what i need. the top tier will hold Maddux's smash cake. and then i will place cupcakes on the middle tier and then also around the bottom... so it will work like three tiers... for it being free... i just used a bunch of stuff I had around here... it turned out pretty good :) So if you are in need of a cupcake stand I would say save forty bucks and decorate some boxes... :)

and centerpieces... these i took in a rush. I am making these for each month... I filled popcorn boxes with a photo of maddux during that month, some dollar store circus figurines, tickets, pinwheel, and some circus items attached to doll rods.  These are adorable and these pictures really dont show it...

and on a side note... i went into the GW on a limb the other week.. and ran across an almost new yoda costume :) So now Maddux has a costume for his daycare Halloween Party and one for trick or treating... Heres a preview of our little Yoda :)


  1. Seriously Fawn you are supermom! Great job on the centerpieces!!! Can't wait to see pictures from his party :)

  2. Are you finding the candle sticks at the dollar store, too? I swear I can't find any anywhere!

  3. Dena - yes they are at the dollar store... they are like an ugly metal color... i found mine by the little figuring section. I am not sure if that section is in all of them or not??/ hope that helps!


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