Monday, November 8, 2010

DIY Clay Pot Snowmen!!

So my mom made Santa's out of clay pots years ago... and I have been begging for her to make me one. We could never find a Santa head to make them... so 6 years later I still don't have one. This year while out we happened to find Snowmen heads at two places. Big Lots and Gordmans. I believe both of them are under 10 bucks. So this was perfect. i wouldn't get the Santa .. but a Snowman would be just as cute :)
So I love these so much I thought we should show you how to make these :)

clay pots (the cheap ones.. you can find them at Michaels)
white spray paint
snowman head
black felt - you will need about 4 pieces for each snowman.
white material
Stuffing (not pictured)
Cones to keep heads on
Glue - we used some sort of ceramic glue

First off. you have to find the right size pots to go with your head.... We just took our heads into Michaels and built them right there to make sure we got the size that we wanted. You want two for the body then one a size smaller for the base.

Then you want to spray paint them white. (as pictured above)

Okay then take your white material cut it to the size you want his arms to be... you want them to sit on his waist... do snowmen have waists? well you know what i mean :) So cut your material. sew the two pieces together then sew one end... so it will look like this. (sorry for the not so great pictures... )

Then you want to stuff the arm with your filler.... like so

Then you want to draw your mitten on black felt ... you want to have two pieces of felt because you will sew these together.... I used Chalk to draw with because it easily wipes off :)

After you cut it out... you are left with something that should resemble this... 

We sewed the two mittens together with white thread so it looks like so....

Then you want to put a small amount of stuffing into the hand....

Tuck your arm into the mitten and sew them together....
You could probably do this step before you start the mittens.... that would make more sense... sorry first tutorial... all over the place. Hey I am trying!!!!
Stack your pots... and glue them together so they look like this...

Take the bottom of the pot flip upside down and glue on your cone... This will be used to fit up into your snowman head to stable the head....

Once all of that is done... In whatever order you choose :) you want to glue your arms onto the pots...
then glue your cone piece on.... like so.

Okay now this step is kind of all how you want to do it. we glued the mittens onto the snowman's waist... err... waist...sure waist.  then added on some scarves we made out of fleece fabric... and not in this picture but the pictures after... we glued some black buttons on them... because. Well snowmen  need buttons!!!

Now photos with buttons and all prettied up in the snow around the fireplace :)

Thanks mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps. still wanting the Santa... he was done the same way.... you bet your bottom if i find one we will post that one also :)

Cute right ???

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  1. I LOVE these! They are so adorable! You've done a fantastic job. I'm a new follower from NNK, and I'd love to have you visit me too!

  2. Those are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! Thanks so much for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)


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