Monday, December 20, 2010

Cheap Quick Xmas present for a little girl :)

My neices love all things pretty. Glitter... Pink... on anything... make it amazing.

Well I buy them presents that we exchange at Nanas house. But this year Grandpa is coming over Christmas Eve to exchange presents.... so I thought I should have something for them on that day also.
I didnt want to spend too much.... so i came across the little potion bottle charm (2 of them for 1.50 at Joanns Fabrics) Then took some glitter... filled them glued down the top... added some ribbon I had on hand for the chain... and voila 2 gifts for 1.50 total. and I am pretty sure since it consists of glitter. they will be in love.
I will need to find a little story/poem/something to put in their about it being fairy dust to make it even more special... hopefully someone out there has made something :)

well here is a photo... if you have any last minute gifts you need for a little girl. this was soooo easy. and sooo inexpensive :)

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