Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Embrace The Camera

This past weekend was Maddux's first birthday party!!!!
I had no idea how much of the party you dont get to enjoy when hosting... what a bummer. I felt like I was running around with my head cut off the entire day!!!!!  I am hoping to get pictures up of the party soon :)
we did a carnival/circus theme... and I think it turned out pretty well. We had food, games, desserts... My sister did crazy face painting... which all turned out amazing. I am hoping I got some good photos of those to show. She did a GREAT job.

Maddux had a great day. Overwhelmed by people who loved him :) and ate lots of sugar. got LOTS of presents... then ended the day with getting sick all over mommy. No joke. that will probably be the most memorable thing that happened to me that day.... because... well... it was gross. really gross.
Poor lil guy sick from the cake he had.... Poor me... that was by far the most disgusting thing i have ever experienced. thank goodness no photos because... i was of course worried about him... but I would be lying if i told you i didnt want to just cry. it was horrible... since mostly moms only read this post. i am telling you... like only the kind of thing you see in movies sick.... like covered... shirt... hair.. pants... shoes... and that is just on me. Luckily... my moms friend got me and Maddy pjs for his birthday... so i had something to change into....
telling you this story... is making me relive it (ick) Best part of it ladies. I was talking to my dad as it happened. And well if you know my dad this doesnt come as a suprise... When maddux was all done.... my father... laughed shook his head... and walked away. Yes he walked away. Thanks pops!!!! Then when I calmy... somehow very calmly asked for help. My mom replied "no" granted she didnt know what i wanted help with... well they followed me into the kitchen... and then my husband laughs... and runs to get the video camera. which at this point... i am pretty sure psychotically yelled... does this look like a moment I want on video tape. Yes... pyschotic. but i feel that i was pretty calm besides that point. but seriously... what are guys thinking... like this was the best moment to bring out the video camera. Luckily i scared him into turning it off.

but back to all the good stuff. It of course snowed that day quite a bit. I am pretty sure every big event we have in our lives we can expect snow. It snowed on our wedding day, the day Maddux was born... and on his 1st birthday :) but luckily we had a great turnout :)

Now I dont know if anyone else is like this. but i hate opening presents. I have always hated it. I become insanely self conscience of my reaction... which in returns makes me not react. so opening all of his gifts was terrifying. I cannot wait til he opens his own presents. plus we had SO many gifts that i was trying to hurry thru it... because well sitting thru that many gifts is boring for other people. But Oh i cant wait for the day... where he will open every present with that childish excitement!!!!!

I cannot believe my lil boy is already a year old. Its crazy. I honestly feel like three months ago he was a tiny baby!!!! how did this happen???? I wish time would just slow down.... trying to soak up every moment with him... and it seems like its just flying by before I even blink!!!! I am in awe of every new thing he does. and it seems that every week we have a big new developement happening... but sometimes... man i wish it would all just slow down... because before I know it this lil baby boy... is going to be a man.... I know I am getting a little ahead of myself. But I am sure you know how i feel....

I am so thankful that so many people came on Saturday for his birthday. He  We are very lucky to have all of you in our lives.... we have an amazing family. And Maddux is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support.
Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us Maddux's first birthday. It is a day that me and his father will never forget:) We love you all.

More on the party soon.... He are just a few pics I have right now :)

What a cutie :)
Happy 1st Birthday Maddux!!!!!
A year full of wonderful memories... and looking forward to a lifetime of memories and seeing the man you become :)


  1. Happy Birthday Maddux! Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Thanks for sharing! The party looked awesome (sorry you didn't get to enjoy it so much!)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Cake pictures are the BEST!!!

  4. What great shots! Looks like a great party!!

  5. yea 1st bdays are so fun! we just had one a few weeks ago, he's so cute!

  6. Awww... Happy Birthday!!

  7. look at all that cake!! loved his highchair banner! cute pics:)

  8. I love smushed cake all over a sweet baby face! So precious!

  9. First birthdays are the best =)
    Happy Birthday!!

  10. LOVE the first birthday pics!!! That brings back some memories!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! The party theme with everything sounds awesome!! Hate that feeling tho of running running running and not enough time to enjoy when you're hosting. Can't wait to see more pics ;)))

  12. cute pics :) Happy 1st Birthday baby boy :)

  13. Happy 1st Birthday Maddux! It looks as though you had an amazing time!


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