Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flower Headbands

So I am obsessed with flower headbands. Obsessed. I decided to try and make a few.
I made one fo my niece for her birthday... and it turned out pretty well. So I decided to make a few more... and these turned out great :)
What do you think???

And here they are on some adorable models I had over this morning.... :)

And my favorite picture of the day which doesnt show a single headband... but still my favorite!

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62. home-made salsa


  1. Love 'em!! They are even cuter when they have them on!!

  2. Just darling! (both the headbands AND the models that is :-)) I've always wanted to try that kind of flower, but have yet to. Are they hard? Stopping by from Inspired by You! It's nice to meet ya, ~Kristin from Living Graciously

  3. beautiful job on the headbands..they look so sweet on the girls:) Thanks for linking up to my party:)

  4. Ok... I need to learn how to make these!! BEAUTIFUL headbands and girls!


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