Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux...

You are just barely over 16 months old now.
Its amazing how much you have changed since your birthday 4 little months ago.

Just four months ago... you were taking 2-4 steps and falling down.
Now you run around so fast... and honestly you never stop RUNNING!

Just four months ago... you only adored Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse only. And even though you still have an appreciation for the Mouse himself... you have developed an almost scary relationship with the characters of Toy Story. You bust out in applause... and OOOOHHHs anytime you see a Toy Story book, DVD, bubble bath... and and explosion of happiness if we even dare take you down the Toy Story aisle at Toys R Us.

Just four months ago... your only words were Momma, Dada, & Nala
Now you can say... Thank you (aaa-oooooo). Please (EEEEEEE!). Baba. Woody (Wooo-EEEEE - yes obsessed). Uh-oh. Love you (Ah-oooo),  and HI! and everyday you are trying to add more. You looooove to mimic words.

Just four months ago... You were pulling every pan you could out of the cupboard wanting to help Mommy cook. (Such a cute helper). Now you go to your kitchen... with your dishes and have me eat what you cook :)

Just four months ago... When you cried... I had no idea what you wanted.... Now you will whine... pout... throw a fit. but hey at least you are pointing at what you are wanting... (usually something you are not suppose to have... )

Just four months ago... you would cry when you were upset.... Now you have just started tantrums... arched back... flinging yourself backwards into a rage... kicking legs.... ahhh the good stuff.

Just four months ago... you had 6 teeth... Now my lil man has 10 teeth!

Just four months ago... you babbled here and there.... Now you babble constantly.
I love your morning conversations you have with Nala.... you love using your hands when you get excited!
You love talking to your toys... your teddy bears... you will talk to anyone anything that will listen.

Just four months ago... you needed Mommy and Daddy to always entertain you with play. Now... you sit down and babble away with your farm figurines... toy story figurines... and cars. Your imagination is growing rapidly... its amazing to watch.

Just four months ago... we were feeding you with a spoon. Now... you want to hold the spoon yourself (after we put the food on the spoon for you)

In just four little months.... you have went from a baby to a toddler. You are developing such an awesome personality. You are becoming more and more independent every single day. You are curious and want to see everything and touch everything! You like to discover the world on your own.... You are full of smiles... hugs... and lots of Kisses. Nala remains your best friend... and your favorite word. :) You can still sit for hours reading your books... alternating with being read to and reading to us. You still get a huge cheesy smile on your face when you hear The Hotdog Dance... While so many things are changing... It feels that yesterday we were just bringing you home. Time is flying by... I look forward to all of the new things we will all experience together.


Us together for our first Christmas 2009. Which even though 16 months ago... it feels like just yesterday...

110.  remembering all the little moments... and now realizing those were BIG moments
111. Christmas Pajamas
112. New words
113. Hearing my lil boy tell me he loves me :)


  1. Loved your letter! He will cherish it one day! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. love your stories, love that you had enough courage to put your finger into that mouth to count teeth;)


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