Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toy Story - Birthday party planning Begins

So I understand, you may think I am crazy... why is she already working on this. She has 5-6 more months before she even needs to think about this. But thing is... if I put it off it would take over my life because I am obsessive. So if I space this stuff out... contrary to what you are thinking at this moment... it actually keeps me sane.
And my friend Melody was planning her daughters party and wanted to use my silhouette... so this was perfect timing for us to swap silhouette for cricut...  So doing it the past few weeks just worked out for both of us.
I have never used the cricut before and I LOVE that they had this licensed cartridge. However putting these things together was insanely time consuming and some of the pieces are so small I decided I would get markers... and color in Rex's teeth or Lil Bo Peeps eyes because well... I couldn't glue those tiny eyes on no matter how hard I tried!
So anyways. As you can see we will be planning a Toy Story birthday party for our lil man this next year.
I am super excited after we did these... These will be used for the centerpieces and look sooo cute.

So this is just my first round of birthday crafts... These will be popping up randomly from time to time... Between now and November :)

And even if I am a little crazy I know the outcome of this party will be worth your eye rolls and "this girl is nuts" thoughts :)

Here are all the centerpiece characters :)

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to flip the woody or buzz or Jesse to make them larger? Or is that not possible?

120. Accomplishing something off my to do list
121. The smell of rain
122. Oatmeal with brown sugar
123. The sound of rain hitting the roof.
124. Polite neighbors.


  1. WOW~! Looks awesome so far!! Can't wait to see what else you do!! And I totally am the same way! Been planning Maggie's bday for awhile now ;)

  2. If you have the cricut expression, it cantake a 12x24 sheet. You'll want to flip it from portrait to landscape or vise versa. I don't have that cart. but that's what I'd do. Also, it's way cheaper to buy the 24inch long cutting mats than the 12x12 and you can cut the 24inch long one in half with decent scissors. The 24 inch long mats are just a couple dollars more than the 12inch but cutting them you get 2x as much. Just a tip to save some $.

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