Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Choose The Kids... Always

While thumbing through Pinterest... I came across this quote.

I have struggled this past year with finding balance... and not balance between work and home.... but balance for me... feeling guilty with leaving for work and missing out on all those little moments during the day. It breaks my heart knowing what I am missing.
For us, I need to work.
If I didn't have to.
I wouldn't.
That simple.

Don't get me wrong.
I love my job.
Love it.
I work with amazing people.
I enjoy what I do.

It's just.
I love being a mom...

So even though. Monday thru Friday... leaving for work sometimes for me it feels like I am choosing work.
To provide a good life for Maddux. I have to work.

But I promise.
To be a mom, who spends all weekend making up for our loss time.
To be a mom, who leaves work at work... and concentrates solely on being home
To be a mom, that realizes just being together as a family .. makes the best memories.
To be a mom, who obsessively kisses my lil man to the point of embarrassment.
To be a mom, who documents your childhood with an unnecessary amount of photos.
To be a mom, who sings songs in the car... always
To be a mom, who understands dessert is required... not optional.
To be a mom, who is never too busy to color.
To be a mom, who never tires of chasing you around the yard.
To be a mom, who always reads you bedtime stories.
To be a mom, who loves you unconditionally.... always.

178. Maddy singing wheels on the bus.
179. Him running to you... lifting your shirt... beaming with pride as he finds your belly button!
180. Family walks after we get home from work.
181. Building Sandcastles
182. Summer fruit salads!


  1. You are a good mom. I can see it. In Maddux's eyes and expressions. Happy kids come from happy homes. Don't beat yourself up Momma!! Keep doing what you're doing, because you are doing something right with that sweet boy of yours. HUGS to you!

  2. Would appreciate it if you would link this up to our new series, "Help a Momma Out" SO true, and well written :) Thanks for your consideration!



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