Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embrace the Camera

This week my hubby took a few pictures as I was putting Maddux to bed...

Every night as we are laying Maddux down in bed.
I get a kiss and hug..
Then he gets a huge grin....
leans back....
and falls back into bed.
It cracks us both up every night :)

The smallest moments bring such happiness...
Every night... this routine make me happy :)

183. Giggling
184. Cool Summer Mornings
185. Watermelon
186. Mismatched pajamas... who can ever find the matching ones... especially as your toddler is trying to run away from you naked... as fast as he can?!?!


  1. oh. those photos make my heart melt. SO awesome to have them! :)

  2. So true! Love the pics and the happy times!! Hope you are doing well ;)

  3. so sweet! and i bet those little routine moments give your little man such joy too and such a sense of security in your love and steadiness...

  4. Cute photos! My son used to do the same thing to get down from the couch. Boys. :)

  5. Sweet Sweet Sweet!!! I love those little moments!

    And you had it right, I made the chocolate chip banana cookies :)

    Here's a link to the recipe:

    I guess I need to update my recipe's page!

  6. nothing is better than putting the littles to bed happy! he's precious

  7. So cute! Great photos to have!


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