Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Lil Sis!

“She is my sister, Without her… I don’t make sense” – In her Shoes

This is one of the truest sayings, I have heard in a movie. That line… is exactly the way I feel about my little sister. Holly is three years younger than me… and in so many ways we are polar opposites… yet at the same time, we are Exactly the same. Seems crazy when you read it, but if you have a sister I am pretty sure this makes perfect sense to you.

Growing up… like normal kids we were off and on. We hated each other one minute… loved each other the next. To this day we can push each others buttons in a second and at the ages of 29 and 26, we still do this to each other. But that’s what makes this relationship so amazing. I can still hate her one second… but 5 minutes later laughing about what just caused our fight.

My sister reminds me of the days back when... we had no bills, we had no jobs, we would spend our summers at the pool, argue because the other one was tying up our phone line.. she brings me back to the days of youth. laughing together until the point of tears.... our immature inside jokes.

And even though we are both Mommies now... with full time jobs... too many bills to pay... and never seem to have enough hours in the day. It's nice to have someone you can run to on a bad day... and just act like a ten year old for hours... with absolutely no judgement.

A few things about my sister

- She has the best legs in the family. Hands down. (the little snot)

- She is my biggest critic and my biggest fan all at the same time. Which is something I value beyond words.

- She is hilarious. She is one of the best story tellers… her jokes are hilarious… her stories on her kids… hilarious. This girl is just straight up funny.

- She is loyal. As loyal as they come.

- She is beautiful. Even in her sweatpants, hoodie, and messy bun. She is nothing less than beautiful

- My most cherished memory .... every Christmas Eve since I can remember. Holly would sleep in my bed.... we would stay up as late as we could waiting for Santa... giggling... then falling asleep with exhaustion. We did this beyond the years of believing in Santa... it became our little slumber party tradition...

- She has a huge heart. If she has it and you need it… she will give it to you… no matter what. If she can help… she is there. This is the quality in her that I honestly find inspiring.

- She is humble… and makes it absolutely the hardest thing ever to give her a compliment... which is frustrating!

- She is an amazing mother. She is the kind of mom that gets her kids ready before she gets ready herself, and on days this shows… she is smiling… because regardless of her sweatpants and a hoodie… those girls could not look any cuter. She puts her kids before herself… she goes without … so they do not have to. She inspires me and the smiles on her girls faces… let the world know… she is doing everything right. Happy kids = Good parenting.

- She is sentimental and emotional. She always wears her heart on her sleeve... which she may see as a weakness... but I see this as a strength.

- She has good tastes in movies… Thank you Hollers for loving action movies so we can trade back and forth.

- She is brave… and tough. When things have gone wrong… she holds her head up as she picks up the broken pieces and moves forward with optimism.

- She is an amazing aunt. Maddux adores her... I look forward to creating memories with our kids together… like our mom and Aunt Cathy.

- She is my best friend…. She is my everything. My inspiration... she knows me better than anyone.. she holds all of my secrets... Without her… my world doesn’t make sense… I don’t make sense…

Happy Birthday Holly! I love you more than words could ever say.


  1. You are the best sister ever I love you !!!!!

  2. You 2 look so much a like it is just crazy! You're both gorgeous!! Happy Birthday to your sis! =)


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