Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Hunting

I panic at big decisions. I over think every single details. I stress... I worry... I second guess everything I originally thought... Then repeat day after day. I cause myself headaches.... feel sick to my stomach... lose sleep...

This has been my life the past month... a little over a month.

We decided we would purchase a home..... and I thought it was going to be insanely fun. Just FUN. Then I started. The first week it was fun.

Now its stress. chaos.

I am so afraid of making the wrong decision. I walk into a house and I want to be able to picture... Maddux eating breakfast in the kitchen while I am rushing around getting things ready for the day.... picture him running through the house with muddy shoes from playing outside.... I want to make sure there is a room he can go to for when he is a teenager and nothing annoys him more than his parents... and I can tell you ... every house I like... has nothing in common with the house I liked before...

And it becomes stressful. We have seen plenty of houses that are good enough... and I can pictures most things happening... and I know that a house does not become a home until we make it home... and I have come to realize that for me... a new house is far more work than an old house... but new houses have a few advantages... but old houses have so much story... .(sigh)

Is this common? Do normal people stay up at night worrying about house shopping? I know its normal to a point... but headaches... and losing sleep?

Not to mention... it feels that everything is just put on hold until we find this house... all my projects... all my planning... everything is contingent upon this decision.

This mountain of a decision.... that is controlling every free thought I have ... every second of the day... I feel like finding ocean front property in Illinois is more likely than me finding a house I fall in love with... (in my price range) plenty out there above :)

Anyone have any advice? How was house shopping for you? How many houses did you look at before deciding?  Do you and your husband have exact opposite taste (as we do)?

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