Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear Maddux....

Dear Maddux,

You are currently 21.5 months old.. and recently I have had my breath taken away realizing... you are no longer a baby at all. You are a little person. It is so hard to explain to people without kids... how the smallest things you do can break me into tears... parenthood is bittersweet. I am so excited about all the new things you are doing... and looking forward to all the new things to come. But I just want it to slow down... I want more time to watch you now... to make sure I have burned every single moment into my memory... so I can hang on to this moment... this very moment.... forever.

You are still currently obsessed with Toy Story. In fact we had to buy you new shoes the other day... I handed you some awesome light up spiderman shoes... and you saw the Toy Story shoes... and kicked your feet screaming Woody! I have bought those exact Toy Story shoes twice now... and all I wanted was some new shoes on those feet... but no. my stubborn boy had to have his Woody & Buzz light up shoes. I handed them over... to where you immediately hugged them and tried to put them on your feet yourself. You won... again.

Driving in the car this weekend... Daddy and I were laughing... because we had a glimpse of you in the pool in a few years. You kept yelling "Mommy... Mommy" and I would turn and say "Yes baby" and you would show me a new toy... or your hand.... or just smile.. and you continued this for about 30 minutes straight. It reminded us of the kids in the pool yelling "Mom... Mom...MOM ... watch this!!!!!"

You love to look at our family photo books and point out all of the people you know.  But when we point at the baby and say "Maddux" You shut the book on us and yell "NO. Baby!" 

You have the best laugh I have ever heard. It is the most awesome little laugh....

You now say "Love you" to us at bedtime... every night on your own. The first time you did that...  words cannot even explain the emotions ...

You are talking all the time... and its awesome how easy it has been to understand you... and how much you are now understanding.

You make the Darth Vader breathing noise when you see him... or pick up a light saber... or really play with any Star Wars toy... which brings your dad almost to tears ... he is so proud!

You love Nala... She is your best friend... you love giving her kisses... reading her books... talking to her... and chasing her.  I love watching you two play.... best friends :)

You love playing with action figures... you will sit with them and just talk to yourself and laugh... and laugh. I have no idea what scenarios you are playing out... but you find them HILARIOUS.

You love saying hi to anyone that will listen. We go shopping and its just "Hi" "Hi" "Hi" the whole way through!

You love to dance... Music plays and you stand up and start dancing. You dance like a sumo wrestler... getting ready to attack... you kick out your legs and squat. Funniest dance ever!

You love marching through the house... I will yell READDDDDDYYYY March... and we will march throughout the house together... you giggling the whole time :)

You love staying at daycare... you never want to leave their playground :) I don't take it personally you don't want to leave.. instead I am thankful you enjoy it there so much. I am happy that you are having fun and have such great people taking care of you while I have to work.

I picked you up from daycare and Brittni said... Maddux wanted to put stuff in his pockets like all the other boys... So we got home. I cleaned out your pockets to find....

How did you pack so much stuff in those tiny little pockets?!?!?!?!

And tonight you got your first big boy haircut..... which you growled at the lady who was cutting your hair... maybe I should stop referring to Nala as your sister for a while ;)

This haircut makes you look so much older.... I cant believe it.
My handsome... handsome... handsome little man :)

Slow down kid on that whole growing up thing... you are breaking your momma's heart.


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  1. Love your post Fawn! He does look so grown up and handsome :)


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