Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of my favorite prints on our gallery wall is the print of an Australian Shepherd...

And since then I have had a lot of questions/comments on our Australian Shepherd print we have up there. Everyone who is close to us knows how much we love our Nala... and finding an art print that symbolizes her... and her personality.. was perfect for us. Maddux loves running up to it and pointing and saying... Nala and then proceeding to try to get her to look at it... explaining to her .. that is her. Which her non verbal response is very clear... Kid... I don't care.

but moments like this... make me so thankful for the relationship we have with our dog. She is our family.... and a dog's loyalty to their family is inspiring.

I ordered the print on Etsy... From Her shop - OutsidePeg
And since so many of my friends and blog readers share my feelings toward their own four legged family members I asked Kari if she would do a giveaway... and she said YES!
So here we are ... my first giveaway.

You have to check out her shop... her prints are great.. I love them because she takes the personality of their breed and ads it into the print... she can change the color of the dog to look like your four legged family member....
She also has a few cat prints!!!!!

A few of my favorites include...

Rules To Enter The Giveaway

Kari from OutsidePeg is giving away a print of your choice
The breed of your choice
The size of your choice
(excludes custom pet portraits)

Giveaway will end Sunday at 9PM
The winner will be emailed.

All you have to do to enter is...

1. Click on her shop .. take a look around.. and comment to this post which print is your favorite... does it resemble your pet... does it resemble your childhood pet?
2. Become a follower of this blog Always Chasing Life
3. For additional entries comment on here if you posted this link on your facebook page and/or twitter

It's that simple people :)
Christmas will be here before we know it... do you have someone in your life that would love a print of their favorite four legged family member???
If so start taking a look around... You will not be disappointed!

OutsidePegs Etsy Store Link:



  1. I love the one that says "Pit Bull = Love". We own one and it's really the truth. So much unfair judgement with these dogs. I'm a follower of your blog also :)

  2. I shared on my fan page wall!

  3. My favorite is the chihuahua that says "I am a big deal" because I have a chihuahua mix who truly believes that! But the one that made me laugh was the dalmatian picture that said, "Save a spot for me."

  4. The chocolate lab version of "The Retrievers Conundrum" is an awesome picture. My dog Koa has been in that pickle many times it's great.

  5. Ok maybe third time's a charm...Fawn feel free to remove any extra posts. Uncle Steve's network security has me all in shambles here..LOL

    I like the mastiff print and the black lab print. both are beautiful and catch the personality of both Lilly and Clara. Thanks!

  6. I LOVE the beagle one!! My beagle is always sneaking treats, so this is a perfect match for him!

  7. Love the "pit bull = love" and the mastiff "guard dog". We own both breeds and these are totally fitting to their personalities.

  8. Even though I have a black labradoodle, I love the Yorkie that states "big dog"....makes me laugh.

    I am going to share with my friends at work for gift giving.

  9. I like the Bichon, my future DIL just got a Bichon. And, of course I follow your blog!

  10. I love it when Mika is so excited she wants to play with all of her toys! I couldn't have picked a better pose myself.

  11. Love the one that says "Retrievers Conundrum". The look on my dog's face is priceless when he can't figure out which ball to pick up...

  12. I just found your blog via pinterest and as a fellow blogger, I started following right away! I love all the ideas that you have! Anyway, the poster that steals my heart from OutsidePeg is "Did somebody say walk?" I literally laughed out loud when I saw this print! This is, hands down, my shepherd mix. She tilts her head like that and everything! We cannot even say the word "walk" around her because she starts running around the house like crazy when she hears that word, and we have to take her outside! We have to say "w-a-l-k" (the letters individually, not the whole word) when we talk about wanting to take her out on a walk! She loves walks so much; she is the poster dog for that quote!

  13. I really like the " I dream of sheep" Australian Shepherd, Merle one. And the Fawn Pug Mug print. I love pugs, and my neighbors, who are good friends of my boyfriend and I, happen to have a miniature Australian Shepherd, that is Merle and a pug. These would be perfect for them. Maybe we will order it for them for Christmas this year.

  14. I love the beagle one. It reminds me of Mia.

  15. Ok. So my fav is the one with the lab or golden retriever that says "ok. I'm ready.". I don't have that type of dog. I've got a schnauzer mix and a jack Russell. At 6 o'clock my schnauzer knows it's time for a walk. So she sits and looks at me with imploring eyes and whimpers till I take her out. And my jack Russell, he always wants to play. So I also like the one with the jack Russell in a play stance. 

  16. I've been a huge fan of Kari's work. I love it all!! The Beagle Magnet - Finders Keepers reminds me of my pet Beagle that passed away about 7 years ago. He was always jumping on the table and stealing our food!

  17. I'm your newest follower! Glad to be here!


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