Saturday, October 1, 2011

Simple Fall Decor

Have I mentioned yet how much I miss my camera? and how much I dislike using our insanely old point and shoot camera?!??!?! because it is really starting to get to me... Hopefully I will have enough saved up soon to replace it. (sigh) until then please bear with me on these horrible photos.... I love all the burlap projects that seem to come up around fall. Love. Them. All. So I decided to make a very simple wreath... I was inspired by quite a few photos on Pinterest... burlap fall banners are everywhere!!!!!!! So here is my very very simple fall decor ... and this year anything simple is great. Trying to move with the holiday season coming up on us... and dealing with a crappy camera... yuck. Anyways. Here is my banner. I love it!!!!!!!!! :) It makes me smile.


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