Monday, November 7, 2011

Rustic Wall Art

 Again I was inspired by Pinterest...

Source: via Fawn on Pinterest

Right now I have no where to put it until we move. but I am excited about finding it a place at our new place. I took three boards and attached them using my KregJig. Then stained them... took a stencil and hand painted the words onto the board. Since I painted it by hand rather than using vinyl. its not perfect. but I still love the way it came out. Thank you Pinterest for once again... inspiration!
The flash messes these up a little bit... but considering I never remember to take photos until after Maddux is in bed... these will have to do :)

I love this sign!
Have you been inspired by Pinterest lately?


  1. I like your sign better than the original. It seems more homey.

    I am now addicted to Pinterest and have a LIST of things I want to do. This is amusing to those who know me well because i have never been very interested in crafts. Now, I expect my Christmas wish list this year will be full of crafting tools designed to make me want to work on the projects I have in mind. :-)

  2. By the way, I had to google KregJig :-)

  3. Oooh! Yes I have. I've been bonkers but have got lots of fun stuff done. Some halloween crafts with the kids last week, some mini book shelf ideas for my daughter's room, some wall art, and some baking inspiration! What fun Pinterest is!

  4. I saw this, and pinned it. I might use your idea to make one for us. I can't quite figure out how I want to present it, but I want to make one. This post, and your Ruler Growth Chart post are perfect for my Wednesday Pinterest Favorites link party. I hope to see you there tomorrow!

  5. Love this! Don't you just love Pinterest?? I have to try my hardest to stay off of it--I think it's more addicting than blogging!


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