Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ChuggaChugga Train Board!!!

Maddux has a train set... that he loves. But it takes forever to set up and once it is set up... he is so bored with waiting that he plays with it for like. ... 5 minutes and then is over it.

So last week I was inspired by YoungHouseLove
they created a train board for their daughter... where they screwed the tracks into a piece of plywood... painted a little scene.... and they can just slide it out from under their couch.

Well our couch is too low for that idea. but we do have his play table that this could work for.

So I bought a 9 dollar piece of plywood... and set up the tracks. painted a VERY generic scenery
and screwed in those train pieces... and there we go. It is ready for whenever he wants.

Easy Peasy... why did I never think of this???

Thank you Younghouselove :)

You can find the tutorial over on their website ... if you need one.

Here is us trying to set up the tracks...

 here is the after :)

here's me checking to make sure the train tracks don't fall off..

please ignore my weirdness...

And here is where we store it....

Simple project. Maddux loves :) 

Don't mind the crazy lighting... I try my hardest to take photos during the day... sometimes.. that doesn't work out :)

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