Monday, September 10, 2012

Kids Bathroom Phase 1 ...

When we bought our house... it was a good time to be in the market for a house... and to be honest.. we stole our house. We got an amazing deal. But even though normally this house would be out of our reach.... I still wasn't crazy about a lot of the stuff going on.
Don't get me wrong. I love my house. I really do. When we bought it... I had to find a place that ... if I had to live there forever. I would be  happy.
And this house... overall. big picture wise = Very Happy


The details in this house made me... not so happy.
Ceramic Tile was put down... pretty much anywhere they could justify. and very plain... boring. Ceramic tile... that I just do not want.
Then crazy marble bathroom vanity tops... that I cannot stand. seriously. I cant stand the bathroom counter tops.
I walk into every bathroom. and there it is black and white marbled counter tops. its gross.
and honey oak. Now some people love honey oak. Not me. again. a detail that can be changed...
but one that I continually obsess over.
Anther detail... that drives me nuts... the traditional bathroom vanity lights... and boob lights. every. where. in. the. house.

But sadly I cannot fix all of these things at once. I wish I could. I have tried clicking my heels together... and wishing as hard as I can for a bottomless Lowe's gift card. but it never happens. So ... I guess I will have to continue with my changes piece by piece.

Currently. the expensive project in the house is the kitchen floor. Putting in laminate to match the living room and the hallway has drained our pockets for a little bit. So onto cheap changes... and lots and lots of googling....

So above you can tell.. The bathrooms drive me nuts. So the bathroom right off of Maddux's room is a giant eye sore for me every time I walk in.

Its generic. I have generic vanity lights staring at me. Honey oak cabinets. Honey oak trim. Builder grade vanity mirror. Bland ceramic tile. off white walls. and bi-fold doors that give me nightmares.

To put it nicely... .there isn't a whole lot I am happy about when I walk in. dual sinks. I'm excited there's room for that. There you go. My positive note on that bathroom ;)

 So its not a secret. I am a fan of Ana-White. The girl wears heels while building. I mean. if you know me... this is something that speaks to my soul.

so looking at her website. I came across her 20 dollar board and batten project she did for her bathroom .and I started thinking... Hmmm Maybe I can just put this on the two walls... that create the giant eye sore. 20 bucks... was in my budget... I already had white paint...

So off to Lowe's I went. grabbed 8 1x2s 3 1x3s... walked by the "oops" paint section .found a green color... that was marked down to 3 bucks... and this was phase one of the bathroom makeover.....

Now if you want instructions... Check out Ana-whites instructions. Easy... i swear... this is such an easy project...and you will love the results. instant character built right in :)

So phase 1 makeover...

started.. .

Well its not normally quite that messy but i took everything down to get ready to do the wall.

Maddux had his toy tools and was ready to help! :)

So here is our1x2a liquid nailed up to the wall....

Pretty huh? It gets better... we then got to this point...

And by the end of the night...

Then I created some quick artwork on my silhouette... took some blank canvases i had stashed away for just in case projects....

and here is the bathroom today

Not bad for a 23 dollar makeover ... Right?

So phase 1 of ugly bathroom complete. And it makes the room look SO much better. Next up. I want to frame out that builder mirro and paint that vanity. I am thinking dark brown. maybe staining it. we will see. But for now... I dont cringe walking into here...


  1. Wound up at your blog to read about your firepit and stayed to look around :). Bathroom looks great so far....we had that same shower curtain in our old house--actually we used it to replace bifold doors to our laundry room. I painted a million bathroom cabinets and framed out mirrors right before we moved (and now need to get started again!)'s a pain, but bathrooms go quick so you don't have to deal with delayed gratification ;)

  2. i love that shower curtain. can i ask where you got it?

  3. Got it at Target :) Thanks for stopping by! :)


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