Thursday, September 27, 2012

Master Closet System

I am finally sharing the Master Closet System we built back in January! :)

Our closet in our master bedroom was pretty generic. One wire rack... which usually resulted in a mess. We needed more space to hang our clothes...and some areas for bins for folded clothes. I hope to someday add some drawers and maybe a more complex closet system. But for the first round... it is definitely an improvement.

We took out the wire rack and created four separate sections for hanging clothes with some shelving units in the middle.

I do not have a picture of ours. But all of the closets in our house look pretty much the same.  So this was very similar to what we started with. One wire rack that wrapped around and had one shelf on top. It didn't actually help very much at all...

I hung a mirror in the closet so I can try on clothes inside the closet while figuring out what to wear... because if I take them out of the closet... they usually end up thrown about the bathroom floor.

Also added in four shelves for storage and a belt/tie holder to help organize those...

On the other side. I added a small wire shelf to hold dresses and hats. a small wire basket to hold scarves. my vintage framed necklace holder and a belt holder...

a few small changes helps organize what was once a very chaotic closet.

This is not a very glamorous makeover... and really to be honest. Later down the road... Someday. Like WAAAAAYYYY down the road. I have hopes of gutting our bathroom and closet and completely changing the layout... I also have dreams of winning the lottery... so for now... this helps us stay a little bit more sane.... It was a quick and cheap weekend project.

We built two bases of MDF for the hanging of clothes. Bought dowel rods and cut to fit in this space. Then bolted those to the wall. Then we created shelving between the two bases for baskets of clothes.
Then we just filled in the rest of the space here an there with a few of our needs.

I wouldn't say this project is "complete" but its better than where we started...

A few people asked about it... so I thought i would share some in progress photos...

So there you go...

We did this back in January... and we kind of said "Good Enough" and have moved on.

It does help us stay more organized...and we have so much more space this way. The one wire rack. was terrible. Absolutely terrible!

I have seen a few glamorous closet makeovers ... Some day... but for now... Eh. Good enough :) 

The Shabby Nest

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