Monday, October 22, 2012

Art Station Revisited

When you first walk into our house. Either off the garage entrance or the front entrance... You can see our Art Gallery Wall where we show off Little Man's Newest Masterpieces.

We started out with just the one strip... but that got filled up pretty quick since he started pre-school

So we recently added the framed artwork above... and then added in the second strip to add in more artwork :)

These are simple to make. You take a 1x2 .... cut it down to the size that you want... paint it. Then after it dries glue some clips on to it. Then just screw it into your wall. simple :)
This might just be my favorite part of our house... I love seeing all of his artwork first thing when I walk into the door...

My little entry way table is a work in progress... Haven't figured out that space yet. And don't mind that pile of wood on the floor. That is for a new project. Yep. I build in my living room once in a while... in front of my tv. :) Don't judge me.

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  1. So cute! I need to make one for the kids now. I will add it to my list. Great post love his art work.


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