Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Maddux

Dear Sweet Maddux,

You are knocking on the door of officially being a three year old.

In the past few months... You have definitely started testing your boundaries more. Trying to figure out just how far you could push your parents. This has been a struggle both ways. But nothing too crazy. except for the one time... you thought you would punish us by throwing yourself backwards on the stairs (because I wanted you to put on pants before we went to the store)... Thank God you were okay. And this is not something you have even tried to repeat.

You still have quite the imagination. More imagination than your mom knows what to do with. You can play beat up the pretend villains for hours.  My favorite thing currently is you start out as either Captain America or Iron Man. But then one of these imaginary villains gets you and knocks you over... which brings out the hulk in you. Which means you stand up slowly snarling and growling. Then proceed to pace while growling louder and louder til you are almost screaming. Then you explode with energy and smash the bad guys. I think people would think you were off your rocker if they watched this .... but I understand your love for the Avengers. So this scene makes perfect sense to me. And I love it.

You have started enjoying puzzles and boardgames within the past few weeks. Which I love. However... now you want to get each board game out... every tiny piece out. Look at it... spread it out on the floor... table.. wherever... then you get bored within about 2 minutes. and get out the next one... so I will walk upstairs after making a cup of coffee and there are at least 5 board games just spread about the playroom. Awesome.

You started Pre-School at Daycare this fall. Everyday we get in the car and I ask you... "Maddux what did you do at school today" And everyday... I get the answer "I played with Josh!" Apparently that is your BFF at the moment. If I continue to pry... you just start listing out all the kids at daycare. But you are excited about it... so at least you are enjoying yourself at daycare :)

You are singing your ABCs to Mom in the car every morning. Your version goes... ABCD, ABC.... up and down. beep beep beep... ABCD, ABC... Sing with me. But honestly... its the best ABC's I have ever heard.

You can now count to 15, except you skip the number 4. You refuse to say it. It's strange. Even more strange... I am going to be upset the day you actually start throwing that four in there...  And you can point out about 7 letters in books. Its amazing how much you are learning! You know Mommy's name and Daddy's name. But when I tell you Nala is our Dog... you look at me and say... Nooooo Mommmy you are silly... She is Nala.

You are currently obsessed with hot dogs. That is all you ever want to eat. Hot Dogs... All. The. Time. And I should mention. You want them cold. You love hot dogs cold :)

You have a high appreciation of each and every one of your grandparents. Which makes me insanely happy. You love all of them... and you get soooo excited when you see any of them. I love that you realize just how important they are. Whenever they stop by... You squeal "Nana/Papa/MeeMaw/Grandpa are home!!!!! They are home!!!!"

You are sneaky. And you figured out quick how to climb the pantry cabinet to get the cookies. You little stinker. :)

Anytime we see a jet stream in the air. You get excited... because you believe that is Super Man. (I never want this to change... ever)

You love to talk to people. You will talk to anyone. You are my little social butterfly.

You have recently started calling Mickey Mouse... Mickey. Which breaks my heart. The days of "Bucko" are disappearing fast.

Everyday... is such an adventure with you. Living life through your imagination. Seeing the simplest things, through your eyes... is extraordinary. I am so thankful for your smile... That little grin of yours every morning... makes me realize just how lucky I am.


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