Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Goals... How did I do?

Last year I created a list of goals for 2012. Basically a giant to do list....
And we always have such optimistic goals for the new year... so I thought I would pull out that list and see how I did.... before tackling my list for 2013.

You can find the original post.. {HERE}

So here they are

1. More Artwork With Maddux
  • I did pretty good with this one..I had the goal of once week (that did not happen) but we sat down and did something at least once a month.  We did more artwork for grandparents and with him for each other this year. I would still like to do more. There are few things I have been meaning to make with him. And never seem to find the time. Also, he is doing more artwork in Pre-school .. so its a bigger interest with him. So that helps :)

2. Try new recipes for dinner.  
  • We did really good with this one too. I tried quite a few recipes from Pinterest this year. Most of them I liked. There were a few that were absolutely terrible. But it has been fun. And I hope to continue that this year also.
3. Plan Birthday Morning Traditions...

  • Fail. Fail. Fail. I still want to do this. Man lets hope I do this.. this year!

4. Date night with the Hubby.

  • Ha Ha Ha. Epic. Failure. Geesh. I am terrible
5. Paint our kitchen...

  • Success!!!!!!!! Painted and I love it. However... I want to paint the breakfast bar something darker!
6. Annual Photo of Maddux.
  • Well I did do this last year. And am planning on doing it this year. So hopefully this continues! :)
7. Start a running routine again
  • Bahahaha. I did not have time for running. However new job has a gym directly across the street. So this one is going back on the to do list. Lets hope I stick with it!
8. Build Entertainment Center for Living Room
  • Well... Success? I did not build it. But I found one that fit perfectly and painted it. So Yay! :) I consider this one a success!
9. Organization in master closet.
  • Success! Not as fancy as I had dreamed of. But its a lot more organized and I have a lot more space! :)
10. Garage Storage...
  • Umm. We did throw in about 6 shelves. So we did do something. However... we need more. This is something we need to figure out this year.
11. Adding some curb appeal on our house this spring. Painting our front door. planting flowers...adding flower boxes to our window. Updating outside lights...
  • Success. We did start this. There is quite a bit more i would still like to do. Still want to switch out the outside lights and dress up the porch some more. Still considering flower boxes on the windows to add some character. Not sure exactly what we want to do yet.

 2. Putting in a stone patio
  • Fail. We decided to start working on the basement instead. This year... we will be doing this. We will! :) Some sort of patio will be put in... mark my words.... ;)

So there we go. I actually didn't do as bad as I had thought. I forgot all about this list and then came back to it tonight to read it. And see where I landed. I figured I should go over what they were last year... to decide where they should be this year...

How did you do on yours? do you set one single new years resolution? or some goals? or are you a non resolution type of peep?

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