Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Maddux

Dear Maddux,

There is so much to say about you lately. You are growing up so fast... I cannot even believe it. What once was my baby... is determined to do everything on his own. Except... the one thing I am still good for is stuffing your weapons down the back of your shirts so you can have sneak attacks on the imaginary bad guys you are fighting tonight.  You are so determined even at the age of three, you are eager to do the same things as everyone else around you. Yet at the same time... you could sit and play alone and ignore everyone around you for hours. Your imagination gets me the most... I am in awe of it. I have never in my life had an imagination like you. You come up with story lines and get completely lost inside a world you create. It is incredible.

You are currently playing soccer which you seem to enjoy. You are excited to be there every single week. And you are one of the few that honestly listen to your coaches. I love how well you pay attention and that at such a young age you are so eager to please those who are teaching you.

You currently wake up in the middle of the night and climb into my bed. I have had people tell me this is a bad habit, but I do not mind at all. I know someday you will grow out of this... So I try to take my time and appreciate these moments with you because I know just how quickly they will fade.

You love puzzles... and you can work your way around an Ipad faster than I can most days. Its surprising to me how quick you catch on to technology... really how quick you catch on to anything. The one concept you don't fully grab onto yet (which cracks me up) is the whole Easter Bunny/Santa/Etc... I explained the bunny to you and said that the Easter bunny is like Ho Ho. So you immediately figured out just what toy you wanted... Darkside (an action figure from the 80s... apparently) so this weekend we went to an egg hunt where you met the Easter bunny... and you told him repeatedly about darkside... and when in return you got a piece of candy and stickers you were devastated because you were expecting your action figure in that moment. Pure devastation.
So we got home... and I tried to explain the bunny was coming to our house... so everyday for the past week you run around and look for that bunny every.single.morning.

You currently are eating me out of house and home. You are eating 2nds... 3rds... 3-4 snacks... a couple pieces of fruit... all before bed time. I have no idea where you are putting it. And everyone in the family is telling me to be ready for you to shoot out of your clothes overnight. So we are just waiting on that growing spurt at the moment.

Right now your dad is coaching volleyball, so your grandpa Mark is taking you over to your Aunt Holly's for an hour every night. Which you are loving. I have heard that there is crying and lots of I don't want to go homes... And even your cousin Aurora is in on it... shutting you in the bedroom and trying to convince your dad that you left and were no longer there :) I am glad that you are having so much fun with your cousins. My best memories are with my cousins... So it has always been important to me for you guys to be close.

You are also in the phase where we watch the same movie for a few weeks straight. Not once a night but sometimes 2-3 times a night.  So that has been.... fun :)

You also love to help. Whatever is going around in the house... (which we always have 1000 projects going on) You love to be right in the middle of all of it.. Your toy toolbox in hand and ready to go. Cutest thing ever.

You come home from daycare now with stories... so many stories and jokes where you will crack yourself up :) It is so crazy to me that we can sit at dinner and ask you about your day and you just go on and on and on.

Little man, you are growing so fast.... I cannot believe how fast this all goes. I try to remember to soak in all the small moments with you. You are the happiest kid with by far the biggest imagination I have seen. You are lovable and say I love you on your own which makes the sweetest moments.

Thank you Maddux for bringing so much laughter and so much happiness every single day. Your laughter is contagious... and you make me so proud...
The smallest moments.... the ninja fighting, hulk impersonations, you trying to convince me that we need to throw away all your toys and buy new ones because dad put them in the bath, your requests for peanut butter tacos... all these moments are by far the biggest moments of my life.


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