Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kidspiration :)

I have been looking around on Pinterest and there are quite a few things I am planning on building for Maddux's room. And quite a few Kid Items I plan on building for some giveaways.
So while we are in the middle of a few projects I thought I would share some of my inspiration

I am planning on building a table and chairs for the playroom. Somewhere Maddux can sit and color. Or more likely... some where to sit and play with his action figures. These are the chairs I am loving

How fun would this be in his room? I am loving this idea. Easy enough of a project... If only I could sew

Thinking about a new twist to the growth chart I made. Maybe for a giveaway? I love mine I use for Maddux. Plus these make awesome gifts... :)

I have been dying to build a girly kitchen. Giveaway Maybe?

This would be perfect to hold all of his action figures... Hmmm

Table I plan on building for the play room

Desperately needing some closet organization. I really like the shelves in this one
Source: via Noura on Pinterest

This picture is adorable. But i was thinking some chalkboard crates to hold toys would be great. I could re-label :)

So keep watching. I should have some new furniture for Maddux after this weekend. And possibly...  a new giveaway :)

Does Pinterest have you building anything this weekend?

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