Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gallery Wall

I have been wanting to do a giant gallery wall in the house for a long time. I just could not decide on where. So after a while... I finally decided that the hallway is the place to do it. So after a lot of collecting and figuring out what I want to showcase on this wall...
Some people have a specific style. They know what they like.. and they don't. Some people like a bit of everything... and I think that is where I fall in. I love photo galleries with all white frames... all wood frames.. which I have done both of those. so this time I wanted to try a random gallery wall. Where nothing matches.. and there is no method to any of it.

So I just started hanging stuff on the wall working from one corner to the other. I won't lie I had a few gaps that I had to go to the store and find something specifically that size to fill that gap or I had to make something to fill that gap. But in the end... it all worked out. Well mostly. I have a few gaps I still want to fill in. but for now... I like it. I think.

So ready for way too many photos of a photo wall? I'm serious ... way too many photos

A few of the details... 

When Maddux was two.. we went to JCP for photos and they captured several facial expressions of him. I adore this photo. (don't mind the dust on the frame... keeping it real here people!)

Easy to change out frame with clips! 

The map we use to pin all of our US adventures :)

Some Star Wars Humor :)

Several favorites of Maddy

Housewarming Art my Step Dad made :)

 BFFs. Forever and ever.

Fancy water bottle from our 5th anniversary.... we spent tasting chocolates :)

I took a canvas and flipped it around and threw our Initial in there ..

First year of t-ball, Disney vacation, Family photo... and our favorite number 9.

And a few more shots.

There is actually a very funny story behind that Tiffany's bag.. it still makes me laugh :)

There you go. An insane amount of photos... of photos.

So have you tried just hanging a gallery wall and seeing where it goes. stressful. I am telling you I changed this one at least 13 times. At least.


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