Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This week a few big projects are beginning.... The stairs makeover and replacing the dining room floor.

So posts this week are a little short.

Meanwhile... While working away at the current projects. I thought I would share with you some Inspiration.

I am hoping to put in a fire pit area in the backyard this summer. This photo is almost exactly what I am envisioning. I think it is adorable... and affordable :)

Source: houzz.com via Fawn on Pinterest

Coffee Table is a must. This needs to happen soon. Right now ... this one is my favorite.

Source: ana-white.com via Fawn on Pinterest

White Strawberry Sangria - Cannot wait until summer!!!

Love this tutorial on door trim.

Young House Love just shared their fireplace makeover. It is Uh-Mazing. Check it out.

This outdoor playhouse is the cutest thing ever.

So this week will be busy.

But there is a giveaway coming up this week :)
Working on the final coat now ...

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  1. We're planning on making that treehouse this summer for the kids! I absolutely love it! Love the coffee table too :)


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